How To Donate To The Development Of Wikipedia

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How To Donate To The Development Of Wikipedia
How To Donate To The Development Of Wikipedia

One of the most popular sites in the world today is Wikipedia, a completely altruistic project that lives entirely on voluntary donations. Anyone from anywhere in the world can support the popular Internet encyclopedia.

How to donate to the development of Wikipedia
How to donate to the development of Wikipedia

The owner of the Vkipedia site is the American company Wikimedia Foundation, which has spread its ingenious idea to 39 dealerships. This fund is owned by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. For the first time, the information open resource was launched by the authors in January 2001.

What is the money for?

The basis of the name of the media empire and information site - the word "wiki" was borrowed from the Hawaiian language, it stands for "quickly". That is, the creators wanted to emphasize that it is on their website that you can get any information quickly and easily. In fact, they created one huge reference book, which collects knowledge related to a wide variety of areas.

It is worth emphasizing that Wikipedia is a non-profit project and not a story of big business and huge money. It is created by thousands of people who are simply volunteers, have reliable information and want to present it to the public free of charge.

The total volume of the site exceeds 30 million articles, and the annual traffic level is about 500 million people. If we calculate the total volume of the materials contained, it turns out that it was Wikipedia that became the most complete encyclopedia created in the entire history of human existence.

Initially, the site was exclusively in English. But the popularity of the resource and globalization forced to optimize the site and translate information into several languages of the world. Moreover, each country has unique pages that are created specifically for the population of the state.

Today, information on Wikipedia can be obtained in your native language, the site has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects.

In addition to its direct responsibilities in the form of articles on various topics, Wikipedia has also been noted in the world of journalism, since the site has also become a news source, reflecting the most significant news stories in the news feed.

Perhaps today Wikipedia is the only site that can be called truly popular, since many people participate in its creation every day.

Donate and support

Initially, Wikipedia was not a commercial project, it is mostly a by-product, and therefore no one planned to make money on information. When the popularity of the Internet encyclopedia began to break all records, it became incorrect to think about making a profit. Today the site lives according to the official version on donations. You can donate and support one-time or transfer a certain agreed amount automatically once a month.

Donations are tax deductible.

The Russians have access to the services of Yandex. Money or webmoney payment systems; you can also transfer funds from a personal bank card. Services are unified and simplified as much as possible. The minimum amount that the creators count on is 100 rubles, but no one limits the sponsor, except for the payment limit of the card.

For countries with a banking system different from that of Russia, other opportunities are provided. For example, you can send a check or a security, but it will not be possible to send money in an envelope by mail in any country.