How To Play A Warrior In WOW

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How To Play A Warrior In WOW
How To Play A Warrior In WOW

Video: How To Play A Warrior In WOW

Video: How To Play A Warrior In WOW
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World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG with over 12 million subscribers worldwide. Despite its considerable age for a computer game (9 years have passed since the release of WoW), it continues to attract new players. One of the oldest classes in World of Warcraft, the warrior, has not lost its popularity despite numerous changes.

How to play a warrior in WOW
How to play a warrior in WOW


  • - a computer that meets the World of Warcraft system requirements;
  • - registered account and active WoW subscription.


Step 1

Choose your warrior's faction and race. If ideals of good are closer to you, then it is better to join the Alliance, and for those who feel a predisposition to darkness, it makes sense to replenish the forces of the Horde. For the Alliance, in the current realities, the best race for a warrior is considered to be a worgen, thanks to innate bonuses for a critical attack. But if you plan to fight with other players, and not with monsters, then you should choose the person with the most effective racial bonus in PvP.

On the side of the Horde, the most preferred races for the melee master are the tauren (due to their increased health and the ability to mass stun) and the orc, which has increased resistance to stun and bonuses to ax wielding. For PvP, the undisputed leader is the undead race.

Step 2

You need to define your role. Whether you will inflict damage (DD - from the English Damage Dealer) or take the hits of enemies (tank). Depending on this, one of three branches of talents is chosen: Weapon, Fury, or Protection. The first two branches are for DD, and the third is for the tank. Of course, you can change your talents at any time, but it is worth remembering that the set of equipment that was ideal for Fury may be completely useless in Defense.

Step 3

At the early stage of character leveling, it is most convenient to do this with a tank. The new system of group selection for the passage of dungeons almost instantly invites the tank into battle, unlike DD, which sometimes have to wait for 30-40 minutes. If the social component does not appeal to you, or you just want to enjoy all the story quests, then it would be better to choose Fury or Weapon. In principle, any of these branches has its own advantages: in the first case, damage, in the second - survivability.

Step 4

Any class in World of Warcraft is truly revealed only at the maximum level, and the warrior is no exception. After reaching level 90, almost everything - equipment, talents, the placement of skills - changes dramatically. However, the basic principles will remain the same. For example, it is better for the stance to match the selected talent tree. Warrior of Fury feels better with a weapon in each hand, and a tank without a shield is useless. In the game as a warrior, there are many subtleties and special techniques, which you can find out on thematic forums and, of course, from your own experience.

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