How To Play WOW Cataclysm

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How To Play WOW Cataclysm
How To Play WOW Cataclysm

Video: How To Play WOW Cataclysm

Video: How To Play WOW Cataclysm
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WoW Cataclysm, Cataclysm is the penultimate expansion of World of Warcraft so far. It completely overturned the entire familiar world of Azeroth, changed the game system and brought with it a huge number of new events and adventures.

The official WoW Cataclysm screensaver depicts the dragon Deathwing as the culprit
The official WoW Cataclysm screensaver depicts the dragon Deathwing as the culprit


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Step 1

The basic principles of playing World of Warcraft remain unchanged in this expansion. Your character still has to explore new lands, kill monsters and complete tasks to gain experience points. Almost all the quest chains of the classic game have been changed, locations have undergone huge changes, some familiar landscapes have become completely unrecognizable - but there are still starting locations for each race, faction capitals and dungeons, the number of which has even increased compared to the classic game.

Step 2

Another change that will make your gameplay easier - you are no longer limited by any boundaries when choosing a class-race combination during character creation. Dwarf hunter, dwarf death knight, blood elf shaman - Cataclysm has made everyone equal. On the other hand, the racial bonuses remain in the game - there are still unconditionally beneficial combinations, for example, a troll hunter and a tauren shaman. All classes have significantly changed the talent tree - all spent points have been reset, they will have to be redistributed.

Step 3

In Cataclysm, you can finally fly over the entire world of Azeroth, not just Outland and Northrend. The flying skill for the main world is acquired in the capital of your faction. As soon as you acquire a skill, it automatically applies to all your mounts that can fly and are available on this character.

Step 4

Now it is much easier to navigate the parameters of the items that your character needs - the developers have unified the system. You don't have to worry about anything other than your basic stats and three or four additional stats, each of which is clearly tied to your offensive, defensive, or healing abilities. Some of the old calculated parameters, such as the shield block rating, have been completely removed from the game - they can no longer be influenced by players. In addition, the distribution of bonuses on gems by their color has been changed to better match the class armor items.

Step 5

In the Cataclysm expansion in the battle with Deathwing, the Raid Finder system was launched for the first time, allowing even inexperienced players in raid battles to get into the most difficult group dungeon in the game. The rewards for completing this dungeon are lower than planned raids, but higher than heroic dungeons. The group is formed randomly, but with a balance in the number of healers, tanks and soldiers.

Step 6

Two races have been added to the game - goblins and worgen, each with its own backstory and a starting quest chain that explains where they came from in the game world.

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