How To Play WOW As A Paladin

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How To Play WOW As A Paladin
How To Play WOW As A Paladin

Video: How To Play WOW As A Paladin

Video: How To Play WOW As A Paladin
Video: Paladin Beginner Guide | Overview & Builds for ALL Specs (WoW Shadowlands) 2023, March

Paladin is one of the most controversial and most popular classes in World of Warcraft. Some players choose him for ideological reasons, as the most fierce and implacable fighter for the ideals of good, some - because of a fairly simple style of play, and someone just out of interest.

How to play WOW as a paladin
How to play WOW as a paladin


  • - a computer that meets the system requirements of WoW;
  • - a registered World of Warcraft account;
  • - game client.


Step 1

Pick a side and race. In the early days of the game, only members of the Alliance could play as paladins, but over time, Horde players also had this opportunity. On the part of the Alliance, paladins can be:

- People, - Dwarves, - Draenei.

The Horde has less choice: only Blood Elves and Tauren. Each race has its own advantages, but the best bonus for fighting against players is, by all accounts, the Human ability. Dwarves are adept at using hammers, and Draenei are adept at hitting precision. As for the Horde, Blood Elves are more suitable for battle against players, having the ability to interrupt the spells of opponents. Tauren have increased health, which makes sense for tanks, and it is also possible to stun several enemies at the same time.

Step 2

The paladin can perform all three roles: inflict damage as DD (Damage Dealer) in the Retribution branch, heal allies (specialization "Light") and take damage from monsters, defending the group, choosing the "Protection" specialization. You can change the specialization at any time, but keep in mind that armor and weapons that are ideal, for example, for Retribution, will turn out to be almost useless for Light.

Step 3

If you are going to play alone, then the most convenient option is to choose the Retribution specialization, at least for the duration of the character leveling. As a DD, the paladin perfectly completes tasks and destroys monsters, and the ability to wear heavy armor and heal makes the paladin dangerous even for opponents exceeding his level. In group dungeons, they will more willingly invite a paladin-tank or a healer, because there is usually no shortage of game in DD.

Step 4

The paladin has the ability to impose permanent positive effects on his entire group - blessings. Remember to keep an eye on them and change them depending on the current situation and group composition so that your blessings do not overlap with permanent effects imposed by other group or raid members.

The unique ability of the paladin is the "Divine Shield", which protects him from any damage or control for 8 seconds. If you need to save a group member from death, use the Hand of Protection ability, which gives immunity to all physical attacks for 10 seconds.

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