How To Swing A Paladin

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How To Swing A Paladin
How To Swing A Paladin

Video: How To Swing A Paladin

Video: How To Swing A Paladin
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Paladin is one of ten classes in the online multiplayer game World of Warcraft. The class is a mixture of a caster and a warrior. The paladin is ideal for any group due to its ability to heal, bless, and other supporting abilities.

How to swing a paladin
How to swing a paladin


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In terms of mechanics, the paladin is on a par with such classes as the Death Knight and Druid. To cast a spell, the paladin uses mana, from level 40 he gets the opportunity to wear plate armor, uses swords, spears, hammers, axes, is able to wear a shield.

In a group, the Paladin chooses a role for himself depending on the layout of talents, but due to his versatility, he can fulfill all roles, from healing to dealing damage. In PvP, it acts as a damage dealer a little more often.

Step 2

After reaching level 10, the first talent point will be available to you. The fastest way to raise your level will be with the talents invested in the Retribution branch, but other branches also have the ones needed to deal damage.

As you grow, invest the first five points in the Seal of Perfection talent of the branch of light, this will increase the damage taken by enemy creatures from your seals. Next, put your talents in the Retribution branch, and put the remaining points after filling it in the Protection branch to increase your armor.

Step 3

For paladins, the issue of choosing equipment is quite acute. The highest priority indicator for you is strength, defense and endurance are also very important, a little less attention should be paid to things with bonuses to dexterity and intelligence.

From weapons, be sure to take something two-handed, up to level 40 a two-handed sword is best for you, and after 40 an ax or a pike. The two-handed sword regains its relevance only after level 60.

Step 4

When pumping, use the following abilities and spells - before the battle, be sure to bless yourself with the "Blessing of Wisdom" spell, in battle, first apply the "Seal of the Crusader" on yourself, then discharge it with the "Punishment" ability. Then apply the command blessing on yourself and use the "Punishment" ability again.

In extreme cases, use Divine Shield and Divine Hand abilities.