How To Send A File To The Addressee

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How To Send A File To The Addressee
How To Send A File To The Addressee

Video: How To Send A File To The Addressee

Video: How To Send A File To The Addressee
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Electronic file transfers are usually carried out via email services. It is much more convenient than self-delivery of the necessary information recorded on a hard medium to the addressee.

How to send a file to the addressee
How to send a file to the addressee


  • - access to the Internet;
  • - electronic mailbox.


Step 1

Go to your email account. After selecting the link "Write a letter" in the "To" field, enter the recipient's email address. If you want to send a letter to several recipients at once, write in the above field their email addresses separated by semicolons.

Step 2

Specify a subject for the email, then select the "Attach file" option. An explorer window will open in front of you, displaying the architecture of the folders on your computer. Select the one that contains the document you need, open it, select the file to be sent with the left mouse button and click "Open". Thus, you will attach the document to the letter. Then click the "Submit" button.

Step 3

Please note that some mail servers have restrictions on the size of attached files, for example, up to 20 MB. In this case, send the file piece by piece.

Step 4

You can attach up to ten files to an email. After uploading the first one, click the "Attach another file" button and check the next document.

Step 5

Use the context menu options when sending files by email. Select the file in the folder that you need to send, right-click to open the menu on it and select the "Send" option. In the next window in the field "Recipient" or "Addressee" (depending on the version of the mail program) enter the required address.

Step 6

Try another way to send files by email. Open your mail account and select "Write a letter", then enter the recipient's address. Open the folder containing the document you want to send. Keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the file from the folder to the field where you want to enter the message text. Click Submit.

Step 7

If the file you are sending has an exe extension, it may be blocked by some email programs. To avoid such obstacles, please archive it first.

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