How To Set Up Email

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How To Set Up Email
How To Set Up Email

Video: How To Set Up Email

Video: How To Set Up Email
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Even if you already have an e-mail box, it is often necessary to create another one. And a representative of the older generation may not have an electronic mailbox at all. Modern mail services allow you to create mailboxes up to several gigabytes.

How to set up email
How to set up email


Step 1

Select the server on which you want to create a mailbox. If it is not your first, it is recommended to choose a server on which you do not have a mailbox yet.

Step 2

Go to the home page of the server web interface.

Step 3

Follow the link or click on the button (depending on the server) called "Registration". Sometimes it is called differently, for example, for the Yandex. Mail server - “Create mail”.

Step 4

Enter the following data: - name and surname (it is possible and fake, but then you will not be able to recover the password using your passport);

- login (username);

- password;

- the answer to the secret question;

- the address of any of the boxes available, if any;

- mobile phone number for password recovery (if there is such a field);

- captcha decryption. On some servers, this data must be entered in several stages.

Step 5

If the login is busy, come up with another one or choose one of several automatically suggested options.

Step 6

Make the password complex. It should not contain: - words that are in dictionaries;

- phone numbers;

- car numbers;

- birthdays, weddings, name days;

- sequences consisting only of numbers;

- any other data that may be known to intruders. The best password is one that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks at the same time. Be sure to write down the password on paper. At first, you will have to get this paper every time you need to enter the mailbox, and then you will remember it.

Step 7

As an answer to the security question, it is best to enter a chaotic sequence of characters (much longer than the password), which also copy it onto paper without errors.

Step 8

If you are prompted to enter the code received by SMS into the form on the website, enter it. This confirmation method has nothing to do with fraud, which is practiced by some "comic game services" (there, after entering the code received via SMS into the form, a large amount is debited from the subscriber's account).

Step 9

After completing registration, enter your mailbox using the username and password given to you.

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