How To Record Radio On The Internet

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How To Record Radio On The Internet
How To Record Radio On The Internet

Video: How To Record Radio On The Internet

Video: How To Record Radio On The Internet
Video: How to record live radio 2023, March

The webcast you are interested in can be recorded, processed and saved as an audio file so that you can listen to it at any convenient time. Adobe Audition editor tools will help you to do all this.

How to record radio on the Internet
How to record radio on the Internet


  • - browser;
  • - Adobe Audition program.


Step 1

Before you start recording, you need to create an audio track. To do this, enable Adobe Audition in edit mode using the Edit View option in the Workspace group of the Window menu. The same will happen if you select the Edit View item from the Workspace list, which is easy to see on the right side of the program toolbar.

Step 2

Open the sound parameters window using the Ctrl + N keys. Specify the desired number of channels and sample rate. If you want to get a small file when saving, you can change the value of these parameters when configuring the codec.

Step 3

Using the Windows Recording Mixer option from the Options menu, open the Recording Control window, which will allow you to select a signal source. Check the Wave checkbox and adjust the volume level.

Step 4

Open the web page with the broadcast you want to record in your browser and minimize the browser window. To start recording, click on the Record button in the Transport palette of the Adobe Audition editor. Wait for the broadcast to end. Click on the Stop button in the same palette to stop recording.

Step 5

If the quality of the recorded broadcast requires it, clean the track from noise. To do this, zoom in horizontally to view the wave using the Zoom in Horizontally button from the Zoom palette and select a fragment that does not contain a useful sound. Press Alt + N to get a noise profile.

Step 6

Open the filter window, which allows you to remove noise, using the Noise Reduction option of the Restoration group of the Effects menu. The captured profile will already be loaded into the filter. Set the noise reduction level by sliding the Noise Reduction Level slider. To process the entire record, use the Select Entire Wave button in the filter window. Turn on the Remove Noise option and listen to the result by pressing the Preview button.

Step 7

If by the appearance of the wave it is noticeable that the sound is too quiet, process it by applying the Normalize option in the Amplitude group of the Effects menu.

Step 8

Save the entry to a file using the Save option of the File menu.

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