Free Internet. Is It Real?

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Free Internet. Is It Real?
Free Internet. Is It Real?

Video: Free Internet. Is It Real?

Video: Free Internet. Is It Real?
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Modern man cannot imagine his life without the Internet. Indeed, the Internet has become an integral part of our life. But what to do when there is no money for the Internet, or you just want to reduce monthly expenses?

Free Internet. Is it real?
Free Internet. Is it real?


Surely you think that nothing is free and the Internet is no exception. But we must not forget that along with the rapid development of man and technology, there are more and more opportunities that an ordinary person can use almost or completely free of charge


Step 1

"Vkontakte" "Twitter" "Facebook" "Wikipedia" "Arguments and facts", as well as sms-notifications from the social. networks and mail. All these Internet services through a mobile phone for Beeline subscribers are available completely free of charge. You just need to have a positive account balance.

Step 2

Some Internet providers often arrange various promotions, with the help of which any subscriber can get free Internet on his computer. Often they ask for some kind of symbolic service in return, and in some cases they do not require anything in return, but, however, the Internet provided is not at high speed.

So, the Intelin company in 2009 launched a campaign according to which the citizens of Moscow can receive free Internet and even money (within 800 rubles). Look, maybe there are similar promotions in your city.

Step 3

There is such a thing as Dial UP (analog telephone line + modem). The simplest and lowest speed type of communication. The principle of communication is based on dialing through a regular telephone line to the provider, after which the computer gains access to the network. With this connection, an hourly rate is charged. The maximum possible speed is 33,600 Kbs, but this speed is often lower due to the poor quality of the telephone lines.

There are providers who provide free Internet access to attract customers and to test the quality of the Internet. For example, for Moscow, these are MTU Inform, Caravan, Demos, Cronyx, etc.

Step 4

There is an option for those who are willing to pay a little. We are talking about 100-200 rubles / month.

It's simple: you negotiate with your closest neighbors, connect wi-fi, divide the amount into 4th or 5th and calmly live on the Internet. In addition to being economical, this option is also very convenient in terms of the prevalence of wireless Internet over wired.

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