How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website

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How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website
How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website

Video: How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website

Video: How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website
Video: How To Add A Hit Counter To Your Website 2023, March

Used correctly, hit counter can be an indispensable tool for your website's search engine optimization. You need to start using it by choosing a provider of statistics collection services and installing the required code on the pages of your web resource.

How to add a hit counter to your website
How to add a hit counter to your website


Step 1

Start by choosing the statistics service for which the counter will be installed. If this is your first time faced with this task, then you probably still cannot determine exactly which of the statistical data will be useful for the purposes for which your site was created. In this case, it is better to consider the first counter as a trial version, during the use of which the functionality you need will be determined. This means that it makes sense to start with choosing the service that is popular among webmasters. One of them is the statistics service of the portal.

Step 2

Register with the selected service. Although you can find a provider of this service that does not require registration - for example, If you are satisfied with the counter without detailed statistics and what you can see in the picture of the counter in the page will be enough, then you can skip this and the next steps. If you choose the LiveInternet service, then to register you need to go to the page and fill out the form posted there.

Step 3

The form contains fields for specifying additional aliases and subdomains of the main address of your site (the "Synonyms" field). And the main URL of the site must be placed in the "Address" field.

Step 4

Enter your email address in the "Email" field - it will be used as a login when logging into the statistics system. The password for this login must be entered here in two fields of the form.

Step 5

To search for a site in the overall rating, you must enter the definitions that most accurately characterize your resource in the "Keywords" field.

Step 6

By selecting one of the items in the "Statistics" selector, you can make access to the statistical data of your site public or private.

Step 7

The drop-down list "Participation in ratings" is designed to select the section of the rating, in which your site will be placed. But you can also choose the item "do not participate".

Step 8

Click the Next button when the form is completed. On the next page of the dialogue, you need to check and confirm the correctness of all the information entered, after which a verification letter will be sent to the specified email address. By clicking on the link specified in it, you will complete the registration procedure and gain access to managing your statistics, where you can choose the appearance and code of the counter corresponding to it.

Step 9

Place the counter code obtained on the service website into the pages of your web resource. To do this, open the source code of the required page. You can do this using the page editor of the content management system or using a regular text editor after downloading the file to your computer. When using the page editor of the control system, you must switch from the visual mode to the HTML editing mode.

Step 10

Find the place in the source code where you want to place the counter and paste its code. The exact location depends on the design of the page, usually the footer is chosen.

Step 11

Save your changes. If the file was downloaded from the server, put it back.

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