How To Add Your Photo To Your Page

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How To Add Your Photo To Your Page
How To Add Your Photo To Your Page

Video: How To Add Your Photo To Your Page

Video: How To Add Your Photo To Your Page
Video: How to add photos to Album on Facebook business page 2023, December

Social networks are an opportunity to find new acquaintances and communicate with those whom you have known for a long time. So that your online acquaintances can see who they are communicating with, you need to set your photo on your page.

How to add your photo to your page
How to add your photo to your page


  • - Computer with Internet access,
  • - digital camera.


Step 1

In most social networks, adding a photo follows the same scheme. Let's take as an example one of the most popular sites of this kind - Odnoklassniki.

Step 2

Select your photo that you would like to put on your page. When uploading to some sites, the photos are automatically reduced to the desired size, while on others you have to do it yourself. In any case, if the photo is large, it is better to reduce it a little in advance using any editor, for example, using the “Photoshop” program. You can also improve the appearance of the photo, remove unwanted elements in the background, in a word, make the photo more presentable.

Step 3

Go to your page on the site and click the "Add photos" button. A window will appear on the screen displaying all the directories, folders and files on your computer.

Step 4

Moving between disks and files located on them using the mouse, find the folder with the photo you need. In addition to it, you will see other photos located in this folder. Therefore, it is better to mark the photo you need in some way in advance, give it a distinctive name. After you find the photo, left-click on its name once. The photo will be highlighted in blue from the general list, and its name will appear in the "File name" line located at the bottom center of the window.

Step 5

Click the "Open" button, it is located in the lower right corner of the window. A window appeared on the screen with the words "Add a photo" and your photo started loading. After the download is complete, your photo will appear on the website page.