How To Create A Meme

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How To Create A Meme
How To Create A Meme

Video: How To Create A Meme

Video: How To Create A Meme
Video: Meme Generator - How To Make A Meme 2023, March

Memes have become part of the vocabulary and everyday life of Internet users. People create them and share them with each other, remember and store them on a computer, and in the Russian segment of the global network there is more than one encyclopedia dedicated to this phenomenon. It is noteworthy that the word "meme" itself comes from the Greek term, which means "likeness".

How to create a meme
How to create a meme


  • - computer
  • - text, music and graphic editors
  • - Internet connection


Step 1

Learn the theory. To do this, visit the website and carefully read as many articles as possible. To understand how memes are used in practice in communication, go to some image board (anonymous forum). Most of the media viruses are generated, accumulated and spread there. The most visited Russian-language anonymous forum is located at For a while, you better not participate in the general conversation, but just read. This way you will most comfortably get used to the new environment and understand how to communicate correctly and what role memes play in the communication process.

Step 2

Look for interesting or topical information. It can be anything: a non-trivial image, an original melody, a memorable video, a movie, a book, or a statement by a person. At the same time, keep in mind that the image for preparing a meme should be bright, very funny or, conversely, scary. It is important that it makes you pay attention, is easy to digest and has the ability to change, while maintaining similarity.

Step 3

Remove all unnecessary things. If something "hooked" in the picture, text, sound, mark this grain for yourself, it will be the essence of the meme. After all, what attracted you can attract people like you. Try with the help of the appropriate editor to remove from the future message everything that interferes with the perception of the media virus, or muffle it. Do not overdo it if you change the original information beyond recognition, the Internet audience will not understand you, and your meme will not take root. Remember the word "likeness" when working on creation.

Step 4

Add something of your own. For example, if you are creating a demotivator or a macro, then it is not enough just to find a picture, you should provide it with an inscription explaining the visual image from your original point of view. In some cases, it is enough to add a small detail to the photo (you get the so-called “photo toad”, from the word Photoshop - a popular graphic editor). Or insert funny subtitles into a video clip of a song in another language. So that the meme is not a soulless craft, you need to put a piece of your personality into it.

Step 5

Choose your target audience. After all, a meme cannot live without its carriers - people. These can be readers of the corresponding thematic section on the imageboard, visitors to a group on a social network, forum participants. The main thing is that there are people who have an idea of the subject that you are going to demonstrate.

Step 6

Promote the meme. Try to create as many posts as possible containing your craft. Change it a little, keeping the main essence, so the information will be better perceived. In some cases, you will need to accompany the message with a series of explanations to help users understand the idea more quickly. Don't overdo it with the frequency of a meme injection. Of course, the information will be assimilated if it is submitted several times, but everything should look unobtrusive.

Step 7

Take the most active part in the discussion of the new meme and see how people react to your actions. Thus, an act of co-creation will occur between you and the target audience, facilitating the transmission of thought. After that, perhaps, the meme will take on a life of its own and no longer need your participation in order to multiply and conquer minds.

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