How To Promote A Website On The Internet

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How To Promote A Website On The Internet
How To Promote A Website On The Internet

Video: How To Promote A Website On The Internet

Video: How To Promote A Website On The Internet
Video: How to Promote a Website 2023, May

Website promotion is a complex work that consists of two main stages: internal and external optimization. Internal optimization should pay attention to the structure of the site and the quality of the content. And external optimization means placing contextual advertising, links and articles on external resources.

How to promote a website yourself
How to promote a website yourself

If you have a website and want to promote it yourself, then first you should understand the peculiarities of search engines and methods of promotion. The basis of search engine promotion is internal website optimization. It is with her that you should start, since the promotion of unoptimized pages will be less effective.

Internal optimization

The complex of work on the promotion of an Internet resource includes optimization of the site structure, linking pages, optimization and uniqueization of content, validation of the html-code, search and removal of duplicate pages.

When optimizing your content, it is very important to check your keyword density. There is no formula by which to determine the optimal keyword density and text quality, but there are general guidelines that should be followed in order for text content to be attractive to both people and search engines:

1. Do not use all keywords in one paragraph.

2. You should avoid frequent and repeated occurrence of the same phrases, it is better to use synonyms.

3. Texts are recommended to be divided into paragraphs, as well as to use lists and subheadings of different levels.

4. Thematic images on the pages allow you to make the texts more informative.

The site must be correctly and equally displayed in different browsers. So check how it looks in the most popular browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. If in one of the browsers the pages are displayed incorrectly, most likely there are syntax errors in the html-code, these may be unclosed tags.

If your site is running on a CMS, then there are probably duplicate pages. It's worth noting that WordPress and Joomla always create duplicates that need to be eliminated. The easiest way to solve the problem is to prevent the indexing of duplicate pages. You can prohibit indexing in the robots.txt file, for this you write the Disallow: / command in it, and after the slash, the address of the page that needs to be closed from indexing is indicated.

External optimization

After the internal structure of the site is put in order, you can start external optimization. The first step is to register your site with search engines. As an alternative to manual registration, you can place links to your site on third-party resources. These can be links in press releases, news, feature articles, etc. Then the search robots will independently find and index your resource.

The main task of external optimization is to increase the site's position and increase traffic. Therefore, at this stage of promotion, it is necessary to advertise the resource, which will attract new visitors. This can be contextual advertising or posting articles and links on third-party resources. And although links may not affect the position of the site in any way, they can in any case increase traffic.

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