How To Register A Subnet

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How To Register A Subnet
How To Register A Subnet

Video: How To Register A Subnet

Video: How To Register A Subnet
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Computers are connected in a network according to certain rules. These rules define the path of packets with information. In case of improper organization, the packages simply do not reach the addressees. In the process of configuring and connecting to a network of any computer, it becomes necessary to register a subnet, that is, to assign a computer to a particular node.

How to register a subnet
How to register a subnet


Step 1

Click the "Start" button and look for "Run" from the menu that appears, or an empty line just above the taskbar. Type the command to call the system console - cmd - and click OK. A black and white text window will open, in it enter the command for defining network parameters: ipconfig. When you type, press the Enter key. All this is needed in order to find out in what state the network is at the moment. The console will display the diagnostic results, from which you need to find the Ethernet adapter "Network connection name". The following items will be described: ip-address and subnet mask.

Step 2

Please note that the subnet mask determines which ip-addresses will be included in the same subnet and will be able to directly exchange information. In other words, whether these computers will see each other or not. For example, the IP address of the network adapter is, which means that the computer belongs to the fifth subnet. This is determined by the third part of the address. If you add another machine to the same network, it must be on the same subnet as the other computers. And for this you need to register the subnet in the TCP / IP protocol settings in Windows.

Step 3

Click the "Start" button and select the "Control Panel" menu.

Step 4

Open the "Network Connections" submenu and right-click on the network connection icon. This applies to the Windows XP operating system. The settings window will open, in it find the line "Internet Protocol TCP / IP".

Step 5

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, select the Network and Sharing Center submenu from the Control Panel menu. Then click on the link "Change adapter settings".

Step 6

Select the link with the left mouse button, then click the "Properties" button.

Step 7

Click on the "Use the following IP address" button - then the "IP address" and "Subnet mask" fields will become available for editing. Enter a suitable address in the first field - in our example, this is for the new computer that you want to connect to the network. The main rule is that the first three values of the IP address are the same on all computers on the same network. If a suitable value has already been entered in this field, do not change it, but go straight to setting the subnet mask.

Step 8

Enter the numbers and click OK. Click "YES" if a warning appears about changing the settings of an active network connection. This is a versatile mask that is suitable for small LANs. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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