How To Install Siding

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How To Install Siding
How To Install Siding

Video: How To Install Siding

Video: How To Install Siding
Video: How to Install Vinyl Siding from A to Z 2023, March

Vinyl siding is the leader among materials for exterior decoration of country houses and cottages. The advantages of this material are its beautiful appearance, durability, low price and ease of installation.

How to install siding
How to install siding


  • - siding and accessories;
  • - nails;
  • - a hammer;
  • - jigsaw;
  • - square;
  • - a piece of chalk;
  • - level;
  • - roulette;
  • - protective glasses.


Step 1

First, calculate how much siding and accessories you need. You will need siding panels, starting rail, finishing rail, J-rail, inner and outer corners. Measure walls, windows, corners and calculate the amount of materials. Try to purchase as much as you need right away, because siding from a different batch may have a slightly different shade.

Step 2

With uneven walls (which is especially true for old houses), a crate is required. It is made of wooden blocks 40x50 mm, the pitch of the lathing is 30-40 cm. For horizontal siding, the lathing is done vertically, and for vertical siding - horizontally.

Step 3

Siding installation begins with the installation of a starting strip. To do this, determine the lowest starting point where the siding will begin and trace a chalk line across the entire house. Then attach the starter strip so that the bottom edge matches the chalk line. Be sure to leave a gap of 4-5 mm between the plank joints.

Step 4

The next step is to set the outside and inside corners. The bottom edge of each corner must be 6 mm below the starting strip. If you need to increase the angle, overlap the parts.

Step 5

Windows and doors are bypassed with J-bars. To do this, cut the parts to size and secure them. After the installation of the siding is completed, platbands are attached to them, decorating windows and doors.

Step 6

After everything is prepared, you can begin to install the siding panels themselves. Horizontal installation starts from bottom to top. Insert the bottom edge of the first panel into the starter strip and tape the top edge to the wall. Then do the next row of panels, placing it in the bottom lock and so on all the way to the top. It is better to arrange horizontal panels in a checkerboard pattern. Vertical siding is installed from left to right, fastening it with an overlap or connecting locks. Regardless of the direction of the siding, when walking around a window or door, the edge / end of the panel is inserted into the J-rail.

Step 7

The final touch is the installation of the finish bar. Cut out the required number of pieces, then attach them along the top edge of the wall. There should be a small gap under the finishing strip - allowance for thermal expansion.

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