How To Completely Clear Your Facebook Wall

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How To Completely Clear Your Facebook Wall
How To Completely Clear Your Facebook Wall

Video: How To Completely Clear Your Facebook Wall

Video: How To Completely Clear Your Facebook Wall
Video: How to Delete ALL POSTS on Facebook (2021) 2023, March

Facebook stores all the data, records and photos that you uploaded a few years ago. If you are not going to delete your page, then the only way to clear your activity history is to manually delete or hide every post and photo. But if your account is several years old, it can take a long time.

How to completely clear your Facebook wall
How to completely clear your Facebook wall

How to completely delete all Facebook posts

Facebook allows users to view and clean their activity history. Editing each post can be a tedious process, but if you want to clean up multiple entries, this option is fine.

  1. Go to your personal page and find the "Activity Log" button (it is located on the cover of the page on the right).
  2. On the page that opens, choose what exactly you need. You can view and edit your comments, posts, likes, posts you are tagged in, and more. By default, you are shown an overview of the chronicle, with a complete list of available actions on the left.
  3. For example, you want to delete your comments. Click on the "Comments" item and go to the page where everything that you have ever written is arranged in chronological order. On the right is a chronology by year.
  4. Choose the desired year and month. To delete a comment, click on the pencil icon to the right of the post. You can also hide it from prying eyes by clicking on the person's icon and selecting "Only me". Now only you can see this comment.
  5. Do the same with your posts and tags. Select the desired item on the left and find the entry or tag that you want to delete or hide.

How to Clear Facebook Activity History Using Google Chrome Extensions

Unfortunately, the previous method is too time-consuming. To delete all comments in a month, you will have to spend more than one hour. What if your page is more than one year old, and you need to delete everything that has ever been written?

Fortunately, there is an extension that does all the work for you.

  1. First you need to open Facebook in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Download and install the Social Book Post Manager extension.
  3. Go back to your Facebook page and find the Action Log button.
  4. Choose from the list on the right which activity you want to clear: posts, comments, tags, etc.
  5. Now you need to open the installed application - its icon should be located next to the address bar of the browser.
  6. We understand the settings. In the Year line, select the year you want to clear. If you want to delete all records for all years, choose Select all.
  7. Select the month (Month). Repeat the same steps as in the previous paragraph.
  8. The Text containts field prompts you to delete all records in which a certain word is mentioned. Text not containts, respectively, removes all publications that do not contain this word.
  9. Prescan on page - if checked, you will be shown a dialog box with results. If you are simultaneously working in a browser, it is worth running the application in the background. To do this, uncheck the box.
  10. Speed - removal speed. It is best to leave the default 4.
  11. The Delete, Hide / Inhide, Unlike buttons respectively delete, hide or open posts and unlikes. Choose what exactly you need.
  12. Start the uninstallation process by clicking on one of the buttons mentioned above. You may have to agree a few times when Facebook asks if you really want to delete any post.

It is worth considering that deleted records cannot be recovered, so think carefully if you are deleting something that is dear or necessary to you. The extension also warns that sometimes it needs to be run several times for more efficient operation.

Social Book Post Manager can only delete your activity. It does not delete other users' posts on your wall, or those where you have been tagged. Such publications can only be hidden or unmarked from them.

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