How To Clear The Search History From Your Phone In Yandex

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How To Clear The Search History From Your Phone In Yandex
How To Clear The Search History From Your Phone In Yandex

Video: How To Clear The Search History From Your Phone In Yandex

Video: How To Clear The Search History From Your Phone In Yandex
Video: how to clear yandex browser history 2023, March

Many people use Yandex today, because it is one of the most common browsers among consumers. It gained its popularity due to its practicality and functionality, but, unfortunately, not all users have yet figured out some of the functions of this browser.


Delete history

The Russian search engine Yandex has a large audience of users who use not only the web version of the site, but also additional applications. One of these programs is a browser with an integrated search box for the company and its services. All entered requests and visited pages are saved in the application memory and on remote servers.

Some users do not understand why they need to clear history and waste their time on it. This is a real necessity. The fact is that, first of all, the history of Yandex also "clogs up" the phone, if you do not clean the history, over time all processes on the device in question begin to "slow down" and sometimes "glitch". So, do not be lazy to spend quite a bit of your time in order to delete the history and thereby "clean" your phone from unnecessary unnecessary information.

If your browser or android phone starts to work slower - the response to the review is getting bigger and bigger, it's time to clear your browsing history.

Not only in Yandex or Chrome browsers, you can delete your browsing history. The same can be done in the android applications of YouTube, VK, calls, downloads on the Internet, on Instagram, in the vibe, on Skype, as well as the keyboard.

There are several more reasons why you might need to clean up history:

  • The user leaves in this list only those links that may be useful to him in the future (moreover, the nearest one).
  • Hide information about which sites you have visited from other users (very often parents, spouses, lovers check their phones, so this should be borne in mind).
  • For normal and full-fledged operation of your mobile device, there should be no unnecessary and unnecessary information on it.

How do I clear my search history?

To delete information about visited pages in the Yandex browser, you must do the following:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the clock icon on the main screen.
  • All visited sites will be displayed on the left. You can delete them selectively or all at once.
  • Selective deletion is performed by long pressing on the required line. In the pop-up menu, select the "Delete" item
  • Clearing the entire history is performed by clicking on three points located to the right of the input line. From the options presented, you must select "Clear history" and confirm your action by clicking "Yes"

Via browser:

  • Open Yandex Browser. Go to the navigation menu of tabs (for this, click on the S icon).
  • Click on the symbol with the clock to go to the history menu
  • In this section, you can view the sites visited. In this case, the user chooses which addresses to erase and which ones to leave.
  • Click "delete".
  • After that, the addresses of the visited sites will be deleted from history.

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