How To Make A Reactor In Minecraft

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How To Make A Reactor In Minecraft
How To Make A Reactor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Reactor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Reactor In Minecraft
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At the moment on the planet, one of the most powerful sources of energy can be considered nuclear power plants. They are very dangerous, but they have no equal in terms of energy production. In the gaming world of Minecraft, gamers would also like to create something similar, and a special mod has been invented to help them.

The nuclear reactor in Minecraft is very dangerous
The nuclear reactor in Minecraft is very dangerous

Features of the reactor in minecraft

Industrial Craft2 has become a real boon for many gamers eager to see realities even in the virtual space of their favorite game, somewhat similar to those that surround them at the dawn of the twenty-first century. They got the opportunity to enjoy many of the delights of modern life and its technical achievements during the gameplay. A lot of interesting materials and crafting recipes have been added here, including components that can then be used to build a realistic nuclear reactor.

Many experienced gamers point out that building a reactor is not as difficult an endeavor as it seems. Resources for it are extracted within one day, and such a structure will cost less in the end than simpler energy sources.

Such a complex device requires constant monitoring. As in out-of-game reality, it can overheat, and then the player will have a chance to see a real atomic explosion and experience the costs of radiation contamination in virtual space (however, they will not be as significant there than in a similar situation in reality).

In order to simplify the task, you should not make the reactor huge in the beginning. At first, a relatively small device will be enough - with a working area of three by six cells. And as new cameras are placed close to its core, it will be possible to increase its power. The maximum allowable size of its working area is nine by six cells.

Reactor components

The amount of materials for the future device needs to be calculated based on exactly what size it should be. For example, for a six-chamber reactor, a total of 294 copper ingots, 4 - tin, 81 - improved iron, 8 cobblestones, the same amount of redstone dust, two ultramarine and light dust (from the hellish glowing stone - Glouston) and seven pieces of rubber are needed.

Insulated copper wire is made according to two recipes. In the first case, three ingots are placed in the central horizontal row of the workbench, and the rest of the places are occupied by rubber. In the second, one copper wire is connected to rubber.

The smallest details should be done first. A furnace is crafted from eight cobblestones, and seven pieces of insulated copper wire are made from copper ingots and rubber. Almost all the ingots of refined iron (with the exception of one) will go to the production of mechanism cases (for the reactor chambers themselves and for the generator). They are created according to the same principle as the furnace, but for this, first the ingots are turned into plates with the help of a hammer.

The ingots of this metal (288 pieces) remaining after the manufacture of insulated copper wires will be spent on the production of 36 dense copper plates. This is done by compressing the former in the compressor. Four special casings are made of all tin ingots - they will be needed to make a battery. To do this, such shells are placed in the outermost cells of the middle and lower rows of the workbench, between them there will be two units of redstone dust, and above those there will be one copper wire with insulation.

From six insulated copper wires, two redstone units and the remaining iron ingot, an electrical circuit is crafted. The first ones are placed in the two extreme rows of the workbench (horizontal or vertical - it does not matter), an ingot goes to its central slot, and red dust goes to the remaining cells.

The finished electrical circuit needs improvement. It is placed in the center of the workbench, light dust is located under and above it, ultramarine is on the sides, the rest of the cells will be occupied by redstone dust.

In order to make any chamber of the future reactor, it is necessary to act like this. Put the body of the mechanism in the central cell of the workbench, and four dense copper plates in the slots under, above and on the sides of it. You need to repeat all this nine times - according to the number of cameras.

It remains to assemble the generator. To do this, in the central vertical row of the workbench, one under the other, put the battery, the body of the mechanism and the stove. Such a generator is then placed in the central slot of the lower row of the machine, three reactor chambers will be located above it, and then an improved electrical circuit. The power generation device is ready! You just need to put the remaining six cameras close to it.

Of course, such a complex mechanism still needs to be properly installed and a cooling system must be invented. At first, a kind of chamber with a base of solid stones and walls of reinforced glass, filled with water (which must be constantly maintained at a certain level), will fit for this. As resources accumulate, it will be necessary to craft special heat sinks, capacitors, cooling capsules, etc. As a fuel for it, as in real life, uranium is needed, which the player will still have to extract.

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