How To Make A Floor In Minecraft

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How To Make A Floor In Minecraft
How To Make A Floor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Floor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Floor In Minecraft
Video: How to Build AWESOME Floors - Minecraft 1.14+ Building Tutorial 2023, September

Building a house in Minecraft is a fun process. If you use your imagination and be patient, you can create a real masterpiece. Correctly decorated floors in the house will add coziness to it.


Step 1

When building a house, it must be borne in mind that one block of its height will be occupied by the floors. Therefore, the walls must be built as if from a zero level, this must be taken into account when marking the space for windows and doors.

Step 2

Regular wooden planks work best for the floor. There are seven types of wood in the game. They can be combined for a decorative effect.

Step 3

Once you've built the frame of the house, calculate how many blocks you need for the floor. To do this (if your house is of the correct shape), it is enough to multiply the length by the width. If you are going to make a two- or three-story house, just increase the resulting number accordingly.

Step 4

One block of wood makes four planks. This is what makes boards such a common material in construction. Find the trees you need, get as many blocks of wood as possible, for this it is better to use an ax, as it speeds up the process of obtaining blocks. If tree saplings fall out during felling, plant them right away so as not to be left without wood in the future.

Step 5

Think about the pattern you want to create from the planks. In principle, even a solid wood floor looks much more comfortable than a layer of stones or earth, but checkerboard and other patterns made of contrasting wood look even better. It is best to use two or three types of boards.

Step 6

If you want to make your home even more comfortable, you can decorate the floor with carpets. They are easy to make from wool. To create three rugs, you will need two wool. It can be obtained from sheep. If you have scissors, these animals can be simply shaved without killing. This will give you several blocks of wool from each sheep, and after a while they will grow it back. If you do not have scissors or iron ingots from which you can make this tool, you can simply kill the sheep. In this case, each sheep will drop one block of wool.

Step 7

Wool can be dyed any color using dyes that can be obtained from flowers and certain minerals, such as lapis lazuli. To do this, you need to place the wool and the selected dye in the crafting (item creation) area. There is a small crafting area (two by two slots) in the inventory window, but you can also use a workbench, which has a larger crafting area (three by three slots).

Step 8

To make a carpet, place two blocks of wool of the same color on the same horizontal line in the crafting area. The resulting carpets can be placed on any surface, such as a plank floor. With the help of several multi-colored carpets, you can create an interesting decor.