Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough: Sequences 1-3

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough: Sequences 1-3
Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough: Sequences 1-3

Released in the fall of 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Assassin's Creed Syndicate is considered one of the best parts of the series. The game is set in 1868 Victorian London. The passage of the Assassin's Creed Syndicate game is the fulfillment of various assignments, united by a common plot.

Walkthrough Assassins Creed Syndicate Sequences 1-3
Walkthrough Assassins Creed Syndicate Sequences 1-3

To appreciate the new product from Ubisoft, you can download the game Assassins Creed Syndicate on Steam, although it does not come cheap. You can save on purchases by waiting for a discount on the game. Only now you can wait for this discount for a long time.

Sequence number 1

A Spanner in the Works

The passage of the Assassin's Creed Syndicate game, like most other action games, begins with a tutorial episode in which the player is introduced to the controls. In this first and only flashback of the first sequence, assassin Jacob Frye sneaks into Ferris' steel mill to find and eliminate its owner, Rupert Ferris.

In the room where you start the game, there is no security, and here you can run and jump in plenty to master such actions as running, jumping, etc. To open a closed large door, you must perform a certain sequence of actions. Turn the first valve on the far side of the room. To find the second valve, jump over the far wall and run up. The last valve is on another platform, which can be reached via a narrow plank. By turning the third valve, you stop the cars and the door will open.

Killing in the air can be tested on one of the workers, who will start screaming. Ahead you will be greeted by a group of enemies in red. Almost all the bad guys you meet will wear red clothes too. Counterattack when enemies' life bars turn yellow, and when they are defending, use stun strikes. Don't forget about throwing knives.

After the fight, run through the doors until you reach a large open area. Here you can sneak in, using the crowd as cover, or kill anyone who sees you - there are no penalties for detection. After reaching the end of the zone, turn left and climb up the beams until you get to the balcony on the left side.

Once in a closed area, go into stealth mode. Use the large pipe on the left to cross the room on top, then jump down to the other side. Once in the room with the carriage and the children-workers, go up to the second floor and go through the room. Once in the workshop, it is better to act covertly, making your way through it along the support beams. In the next room, keep to the left and find a workaround. There are several ways to get to Ferris' office, but it is better to do it through the roof in order to be able to commit a murder in the air.

Having done the deed, run to the train and jump on it. Enemies will climb onto the train, who will have to be pushed off it. From time to time they will shoot. To dodge, press the desired button in time. After the short roller, run forward.

Sequence number 2

A Simple Plan

This memory, the only one in this sequence, is also teaching. You play as Evie Fry - Jacob's twin sister, who plans to kill David Brewster.

Use the whistle to attract the guard and kill him using the cover, then deal with his partner. Walk across the train, killing everyone. Eliminate the guard next to the chest, search the chest. When you reach the start of the train, unhook the carriages. Stay out of sight of the arriving guards. Head towards the central tower, hiding from them behind the carriages.

After overhearing the conversation, climb into the haystack, lure the enemy with a whistle and kill him. To get into the storage area and at the same time bypass most of the guards, climb the building and use the bridge.

Once in the building, go upstairs, throw a smoke bomb at the feet of the guards interrogating the prisoner, and kill them. Free the prisoner, and he will tell you that you can get into the laboratory with the key, which is in possession of one of the guards.

Return to the warehouses, where you need to find the guard with the key using the eagle vision. You can kill him and search the body or steal the key - as you please. Now it's time to go to the laboratory, the entrance to which is at the end of the courtyard. The door you need is in the far right - open it and go down the elevator.

It's time to level up. Take the skill "Double Kill" and more to your taste. After entering the laboratory, use a double murder to deal with two guards. Walk up and to the right and go through several rooms, eliminating everyone in your path. Without drawing attention to yourself, go through the last zone. Climb up to the 2nd floor and look around. Kill your target and exit through the sewers.

Sequence number 3

Somewhere That’s Green

To find the thief, follow the children's tracks through the buildings, then down and up the stairs and turn the corner. Having caught up with the child, you first have to deal with two bandits. Evie will appear, who will offer to get to the nearest factory in a race.

After meeting Mr. Green, who was the only assassin in London before you arrived, climb up the pipe and sync, then jump into the haystack. After talking with Green, the bandits will chase you. To get rid of the pursuit, push the bandits, shoot them. If you want more entertainment, shoot the horses to knock over the carts. Breaking away from the pursuit, go to Mr. Green's store.

Freedom of the Press

After being introduced to Alexander Graham Bell and given a new gadget, take Mr. Bell to Big Ben. Use the hook to get into the tower. You will need to install three fuses in different places on the clock tower, which will help you with the hook.

Once done, return to Bell and drive back across the Thames. Follow the two markers on the map indicating the location of the chests that are guarded by the bad guys. Kill bandits, search chests and upgrade your smoke bomb and throwing knife.

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