How To Fund An Account In The "Galaxy Of Dating"

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How To Fund An Account In The "Galaxy Of Dating"
How To Fund An Account In The "Galaxy Of Dating"

Video: How To Fund An Account In The "Galaxy Of Dating"

Video: How To Fund An Account In The "Galaxy Of Dating"
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Galaxy of Dating is a unique mobile social service that includes communication via ICQ, e-mail, chat, etc. To obtain certain privileges, users can deposit money into their account.

How to fund an account in
How to fund an account in


Cell phone with support for Java applications


Step 1

At the moment, there are a large number of options for replenishing a user's personal account. The surest and easiest way is to use a special SMS service. To do this, go to the program (client) and select the "Top up account" section. Press the button "Enroll", a short sms message will be sent from your phone. Its cost may vary and depends only on your cellular operator.

Step 2

The next way is also to send a message, but only manually. In the app, go to the "Store" and select the "Top up account" option. In the window that appears, you will see the recipient's number and the text of the message to be sent. In the reply message you will receive a pin code, after entering which funds will be credited to your account.

Step 3

It is quite easy to pay through terminals when you are away from home. QIWI terminals will always be recognizable by three large buttons on the screen and the once annoyingly explaining bird, which has already become more familiar today. Here you need to select the category "Entertainment" and go to the item "Galaxy of Dating".

Step 4

You can also transfer money to your personal account through the operators of cellular salons. For example, in the Euroset salon you need to tell the operator your identifier and indicate the payment amount, which must be a multiple of 50 rubles. To find out your identifier, you need to go to "Settings", select "Top up account", and then "Euroset". For every 50 rubles deposited, you will be credited with two conventional units of the local currency.

Step 5

Funds are credited in the salons of Svyaznoy cellular communication in the same way. You need to name the ID and the amount of the payment. The identifier can be found in the chat (section "Settings"), instead of "Euroset" you should choose "Messenger".

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