How To Optimize Your Browser

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How To Optimize Your Browser
How To Optimize Your Browser

Video: How To Optimize Your Browser

Video: How To Optimize Your Browser
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The main task when surfing the web using gprs or edge is to increase the speed of loading pages, as well as save traffic. To do this, you can use one of several simple ways.

How to optimize your browser
How to optimize your browser


Step 1

The simplest method to optimize the browser is to cancel the loading of images, as well as java and flash applications. In this case, traffic savings are up to seventy percent. Go to your browser settings and check the corresponding items.

Step 2

In case you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can add the Adblock Plus addon. With its help, banners are blocked, which often make up to thirty percent of the page weight and represent zero usefulness when surfing the web.

Step 3

When using the Opera browser, you can turn on Turbo mode, which by default will remove all flash elements on the page, thereby reducing the time it takes to load.

Step 4

If you prefer Google Chrome, you should use the ChromePlus assembly - with its help you can block all flash content downloaded to your computer. However, unlike other browsers, in this case, loading is carried out with a significant delay.

Step 5

You can also use specialized services that compress all traffic in principle. Paid and free services can be distinguished. Paid, in turn, are divided into completely paid and with the possibility of free use. When using the free option, you may encounter a significant waiting time for the processing of the request, since priority will be given to paid connections.

Step 6

Remember that the number of programs that, in addition to it, use an active network connection, has an important effect on browser optimization. In case your main priority is surfing the web, disable applications such as download managers, torrent clients, as well as instant messengers and applications that download updates.

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