How To Play OSU?

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How To Play OSU?
How To Play OSU?

Video: How To Play OSU?

Video: How To Play OSU?
Video: How to Play osu! (Tips & Advice for Beginners) [UPDATED] 2023, April

OSU is a rhythm game that will appeal to music lovers and anime lovers. Such games not only relax, but also develop a sense of rhythm. If you're into music but can't play your instrument without a metronome, OSU-like games can solve this problem.

How do I play OSU?
How do I play OSU?

About the game

If you have not heard about OSU before, then it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the guides, because the game cannot be called simple. Osu is a free anime style game that was released in 2007. The game has a relaxing effect on the player, but despite this, it can be difficult to figure it out.

Before starting the game, it is important to understand the settings, because the ease of control will depend on them.

Game technical requirements

Great news for owners of old or just not very powerful computers: OSU is a completely undemanding game, so it can be easily pulled by almost any PC.

For a quiet game, 512 MB of RAM is enough.

It is especially pleasing that OSU is presented on many platforms, including mobile. The game can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android, so you can play without even going to your computer.

The game has many modes, so the keyboard and mouse may not be enough. If you have a stationary PC, you will need to purchase a touchscreen device. A graphics tablet is a good fit for these purposes.

Where to download OSU

Despite the fact that steam has a community dedicated to the game, it cannot be downloaded there. However, the incentive has a lot of guides useful for both beginners and experienced players.

You can download OSU on the official website. Finding it will not be difficult.

How to start playing


First you need to download the game from the official website, register, download and install maps in a special section. Registration in the OSU is very simple, like in any online game.

Even beginners do not have problems installing maps, because the official website has clear instructions. You can choose both a very short card and a fairly large one. It is better for beginners to start with small maps, because the first steps in the game are always learning.

After you figure it out, you can launch the game and start playing.

It's easy to keep the gameplay. The principle is the same as in visual novels.

If you do not speak foreign languages, then you should not worry, because OSU is also in Russian.

OSU modes

There are four game modes in OSU. All of them are based on other games, and not always on computer ones. OSU can be played not only alone. The game is multiplayer, which means you can easily invite a friend. However, adding a friend can be quite difficult, but detailed instructions can be found on the official website. The multiplayer mode perfectly diversifies the gameplay, because if you add friends to your favorite game, then it only becomes more interesting.

Standard Mode


This mode is good for developing reactions, which is useful not only for gamers, but for all people. Notes will appear on the screen, which must be hit as quickly as possible. Also, the player will have to rotate the spinner and move the ball along the sliders. At first glance, this kind of gameplay may seem strange, but in OSU everything looks harmonious.

Before starting the game, you can set the difficulty. If you have recently started playing, then it is better to choose the easiest mode to get used to the controls.


During the creation of this mode, the developers were not inspired by computer games. If you play OSU in taiko mode, you will immediately notice the resemblance to one popular slot machine with two reels and a screen.

Catch the beat or fruity mode

This mode is considered one of the easiest among players. To control, three buttons are enough that will move the character around the screen. In catch the beat, gamers will have to collect fruits to the music, just like on old game consoles.


This mode may resemble the more complex taiko. Beginners should not choose this mode, because 9 buttons are involved in it. It takes a lot of experience to master such a game. However, if OSU wasn't your first rhythm game, you can start with Mania as well. Outwardly, this mode is a bit like Guitar Hero.

With the help of the Mania mode, you can quickly upgrade your game skills, which will come in handy not only in music games, but also in MMORPGs.

Can I play online directly in my browser?


OSU is a client game, not a browser game, so it can only be downloaded. Moreover, OSU is free to play.

Can I put my own music on?

Perhaps this question can be called one of the most popular. Many players want to play their favorite songs, often Russian ones. Unfortunately, OSU doesn't have this option. You can add new music to the game, but only the one provided on the official website. There are no songs in Russian, almost all of them are in Japanese.

And yet, the sound in the game is memorable. Many players like to argue about which tracks are the best.

How to play OSU correctly?

There is no plot in the game, but this question can often be heard from novice players. There is no right way to play OSU, because this game is designed to relax and unwind. Have fun with the game and it will be right.

How to Become an OSU Supporter and Help the Community


If you want to watch and help novice players, then it makes sense to try yourself as a support. To help the community, just leave a request on the official website of the game. This is almost volunteering, so this activity is not paid. Anyone can help, because OSU accepts any help.


There are many modifications for OSU. They can be divided into groups:

  • Mods that make the game easier
  • Mods that make the game harder
  • Visual Mods

Simplifying the game

In the event that the game seemed too hard, but still sunk into the soul, gamers use mods that simplify the game. There are mods now that slow down songs or add an infinite amount of life to your character. It is worth using such mods as a last resort, otherwise you may not get pleasure from the game.

Making the game harder

This modification option is chosen by the most experienced players. This is not only a reason to brag on the forums, but also an opportunity to test your abilities. Complicating mods usually change the character's parameters to the most disadvantageous ones. For example, mods like this can increase the speed of the music and change the sensitivity of notes.

Visual Mods

While everything is clear with the first two types of modifications, with graphic modifications everything is a little more complicated. Almost all graphic mods for OSU are skins that change the interface, controls, and more. It's pretty easy to learn how to make skins. It is enough to read master classes on this topic. If you want, you can change absolutely everything: from the cursor to the pictures in the game.

Can I delete my OSU account?


At the moment, this is impossible, and according to most players, it is also pointless. If you want to start the game over, you can create a new account and forget about the old one.

What is performance

Perfomance is one of the types of points that can be earned in the game. The rating is compiled not only for this parameter, but also for others. For example, by charts and countries. If you study the last parameter, you will notice that OSU is not very popular in Russia, but still Russian-speaking players get into the rating from time to time.

There are few people in Russia who participate in OSU championships, preferring to remain at the amateur level.

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