How To Start A Game Server

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How To Start A Game Server
How To Start A Game Server

Video: How To Start A Game Server

Video: How To Start A Game Server
Video: How I easily made my own GAME SERVER using AMP! - TechteamGB 2023, May

It's easy to launch a game server to enjoy fights with your friends. But before you can activate it, you need to create and configure it. With some guidelines, you can set up a standard game server for popular games.

How to start a game server
How to start a game server


Step 1

Download HldsUpdateTool.exe from the file directory on the Internet. Install it in D: / Tf2server, specifying the range "Europe". In the new folder where the downloaded utility is installed, create the update.txt file. Put in it the designation of the desired game (game tf), the directory for downloading (dir.), Checking the downloaded files, (verify_all), commands for the system (-retry) to connect to the file if the download is suddenly interrupted.

Step 2

Click in the menu on the line "File", then "Save as". In the "File Type" section that opens, select "All types" and name your file update.bat. Click "Save". Activate HldsUpdateTool to update to the latest version. Run the saved file (update.bat). Please note that the utility has an impressive size (4.5 GB), so you need a lot of disk space, especially since the program is constantly updated.

Step 3

Create a file server.cfg in the directory where the utility is installed. It is needed to locate the main server settings. Change its resolution by specifying important parameters: server name in English, region, password for administration.

Step 4

Go to the router menu. Open the required browser, in the search line, type the address of your server, log in. Find the page titled Port Forwarding or Servers Setup. This is the routing table. Enter your local address. Run the file, thereby opening the ports and activating the server.

Step 5

Many game servers send an email to the player with a launch code. Find in the message the IP address, username and password, with their help you can log into the server. First download the PUTTY program, which will allow you to start. Open the main application window and enter the IP address for authorization. Click the Open button.

Step 6

In the window that opens, write your password and login. You will be logged into the server. In this script, you can edit the parameters. After confirming the changes, type./ and "Enter". This will enable the autoloading of the game server.

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