When Is The New Version Of Minecraft Released?

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When Is The New Version Of Minecraft Released?
When Is The New Version Of Minecraft Released?

Video: When Is The New Version Of Minecraft Released?

Video: When Is The New Version Of Minecraft Released?
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Minecraft is an extremely popular game among millions of gamers. It is interesting to its fans even in its original form, but the release of any new versions of it is welcomed by them and is always eagerly awaited. There are usually many surprises for players here - new mobs, items, blocks, etc.

The new version of Minecraft brings a lot of changes
The new version of Minecraft brings a lot of changes

Release of a new version of minecraft

It is worth saying that the company producing the game, Mojang, pleases gamers with the release of various add-ons and updates several times a year. At the same time, at least one of these releases is usually global and introduces an unusually many all kinds of changes to the gameplay, making it even livelier and more interesting.

In Minecraft 1.8, the player will be able to turn on the observation mode. At the same time, the rest of the gamers will see his character as transparent, and he will not be able to break a single block, but it will be easy to pass through them.

When the next, overhauled, version of Minecraft will be released, it is usually known almost at the beginning of the year for which the release is scheduled. At the moment, the most recent one that has seen the world on September 2, 2014 is 1.8. Many gamers have been expecting it since the first months of the above year.

While official sources remain stubbornly silent about the time period for the release of some 1.8.1, because it will probably not take place earlier than next year. The maximum that is worth waiting for is bug fixes in 1.8 (of course, if there are any) and, for example, a holiday, Christmas, update, as is often the case.

What will appear in the fresh version of the game

Many surprises await fans of the famous "sandbox". First of all, they will have to face new mobs during the game. One of them is a rabbit spawning in the forest and in the mountains. Such animals cannot be tamed, and they are afraid of players (like wild ocelots).

When this mob is killed, a small skin and meat fall out, suitable for preparing one of the most nutritious dishes in the game - stewed rabbit meat. A rare drop - a rabbit's foot, used to make a jumping potion.

It will be very hostile to the character of the gamer rabbit-killer, which can be distinguished from other species of these animals by red eyes. Another new mob is also ready to attack - the silverfish of the End, which spawns when the Enderman is attacked or moved. True, this creature will disappear in a couple of minutes if you do not give it a name with a tag.

The sponge from version 1.8 will absorb water again. Its properties will extend to six cubes of liquid around it. A wet sponge loses such properties, but after drying in an oven it becomes functional again.

From now on, an underwater fortress will be generated in some places in the deep ocean. There the gamer will find new types of blocks - various variants of the prismarine - as well as many valuable items. However, one must be extraordinarily vigilant - all this is guarded by guards (ordinary and ancient), who are incredibly difficult to defeat. After killing them, you can get a drop in the form of fish, shards and prismarine crystals, as well as a wet sponge.

Among the blocks added in version 1.8 are andesite, diorite and granite, which are very similar in texture to each other. Loved by many, mossy cobblestone can now be crafted, and doors can be stacked into stacks of 64 items.

Interesting items include a sea lantern, new types of fences, a barrier (as strong as bedrock) and an armor stand. On the latter, the player is allowed to place whatever he wears on himself: armor, pumpkin, heads, etc.

Something has changed in the gameplay. For example, now enchanting will require certain resources (gold and lapis lazuli), and it will cost several levels. The latter, moreover, will become more difficult to obtain.

The NPC village has also been upgraded. Its inhabitants are now subdivided into classes, harvest crops, and bargaining will follow stricter rules - with improved balance and less randomness in transactions. In addition, a gamer will receive a valuable gaming experience for trading.

The changes are not limited to the above. However, they are worth it to update your Minecraft to 1.8 and enjoy the opportunities that have opened in it, as well as start wondering what the later versions of the game will bring in the future.

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