How To Play Minecraft In Hamachi

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How To Play Minecraft In Hamachi
How To Play Minecraft In Hamachi

Video: How To Play Minecraft In Hamachi

Video: How To Play Minecraft In Hamachi
Video: How to Play a Minecraft Lan World Using Hamachi 2023, April

When a few Minecraft fans want to practice their favorite game exclusively in their own company, without third-party gamers, they may face difficulties in the form of a lack of equipment for organizing a local network. Meanwhile, they have a wonderful way out - a network game through special programs.

Minecraft is great to play with friends through Hamachi
Minecraft is great to play with friends through Hamachi


  • - Hamachi installer
  • - computers


Step 1

In organizing joint gameplay, you will be helped by one of the well-known and successfully tested by many other players option - connecting Hamachi. Such software is absolutely free and useful in that in this case the local network will work for you without any cable or other means for its mechanical connection. Download the Hamachi installer from the website of the manufacturer of this program and install it on all computers - your own and those friends with whom you intend to fight in Minecraft.

Step 2

If you are chosen as the main one in your team of gamers, open "Hamachi" and click the start icon in the window that opens, thereby starting the connection of virtual local area networks. Select the "Network" tab and click on the inscription where it is proposed to create a new one. When you see a window with three lines, enter in the first the identifier (any name of your future network, by which you will distinguish it from the rest), the password and its confirmation. Tell these parameters to all gamers who will participate in your online game.

Step 3

After that, start "Minecraft" - as if for a single gameplay - and then press Esc. In the menu that appears, select the option to open for the network first the game, and then its generated world. Remember the combination of characters that serves as the identifier for the port on which Minecraft is running in your case. Give it to all your friends involved in online gameplay, but first get them the IP address they need to play.

Step 4

Ask your buddies to run Hamachi on their computers. Let them select the "Connect to an existing network" option in the appropriate tab and enter its ID and password that you gave them earlier (even at the first stage of organizing such a playground). They also need to copy to any IPv4 text file (it will be in the Hamachi menu next to the connect button) - all characters up to the /. After that, let them put a colon, and then, without any spaces, write the port number that you told them.

Step 5

Now tell all players to start Minecraft on their computers and open the network game there. They should definitely choose the direct connection option. In the window that opens, in the corresponding line, let them write the combination of characters obtained by them in the previous step. It will look like this - IPv4: game port number. Now start all together the gameplay and enjoy it. By the way, in Hamachi at this time you will see all the gamers participating in your endeavor and their IP addresses in the resulting virtual network.

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