How To Play Minecraft Hamachi

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How To Play Minecraft Hamachi
How To Play Minecraft Hamachi

Video: How To Play Minecraft Hamachi

Video: How To Play Minecraft Hamachi
Video: How to Play a Minecraft Lan World Using Hamachi 2023, May

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Hamachi is a service for creating custom local area networks over the Internet. Sharing Minecraft and Hamachi can make gameplay easier, make multiplayer easier.

How to play minecraft hamachi
How to play minecraft hamachi

Installing Minecraft

You can download Minecraft on the official website of the game. Note that a demo mode is available for free, which is subject to a number of restrictions. The full version of Minecraft can be purchased relatively cheap - for 20 euros.

Then you need to install and run Minecraft on your computer. To play together with several players, you need to register on the main server.

Setting up Hamachi

To start a multiplayer game, you need to create a local network. Players often do not have the opportunity to play on a "physical" local network, as they are located in different cities / countries. Then Hamachi can solve this problem - you need to create an emulation of a local network using an Internet channel.

Hamachi is shareware. For the requirements of the game, its free version is sufficient. You can download Hamachi on the developer's website. Then you need to run the installer (the Internet must be connected). You will receive a "trial" (virtual) IP address, which becomes permanent when you use the system.

Open the Program Files folder, select the Minecraft directory. Copy all the text files of the directory (Ctrl + C), paste them into the Program Files / Hamachi directory. After that, you can start looking for a server and partners.

The Minecraft + Hamachi channel for organizing a multiplayer game can only work if the same versions of the programs are installed. When adding new players to the system, inform them of the current game versions.

Search / create server

In the list of Hamachi connections, select Open Room or Create Room. Enter the IP address, registration name, select a character and a game card. After that, you can start playing. At any time, you can invite your friends to join your Minecraft server.

You can start searching for players for your server on the website of the largest Russian community of PTZ players. You can find a partner there at any time of the day. To connect him to your games, you need to write to him in the PTZ chat and give your IP address to Hamachi.

Minecraft improvements

You can greatly simplify the gameplay by purchasing add-ons from the main Minecraft server. The Industrial Craft 2 mod can be downloaded from the game's official website. Install the mod by running the installer while the Hamachi server is running. After installation, you will be able to buy transformers (increase the voltage level of the system), amplifiers and ejectors.

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