How To Reduce Lag

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How To Reduce Lag
How To Reduce Lag

Video: How To Reduce Lag

Video: How To Reduce Lag
Video: How To FIX LAG in ROBLOX! GET MORE FPS (2021) 2023, April

Lagami in modern Internet jargon is called periodic or constant "braking" of a personal computer. Lags can occur both while on the Internet and offline. The most common lag is freezing during online internet games. It is almost impossible to completely get rid of lags, but you can try to at least reduce them.

How to reduce lag
How to reduce lag


Personal computer skills


Step 1

First you need to make sure that the technical characteristics of your computer and the speed of the Internet connection are suitable for the minimum requirements of the game.

Step 2

If all the requirements are met, then it is necessary to close all applications that also use the Internet connection (browser, programs for communicating on the network, torrents, etc.). It is also advisable to suspend the updating of certain programs for the duration of the game. This is necessary to relieve the flow of incoming and outgoing information.

Step 3

The following method helps to reduce lag well:

- You must go to the menu of the game itself;

- Find the item "Settings" or "Options" and select it;

- Then open the tab with video parameters;

- Set all display parameters (view range, texture accuracy, display of shadows and precipitation, etc.) to their minimum values. This will unload the graphics card, processor and RAM.

Step 4

If the game continues to slow down, then it is advisable to try to enter it when the game servers are least loaded (weekdays, at night). The maximum load on game servers is observed on weekends and evenings.

Step 5

If the computer has been turned on for a long time, then before playing, you must restart it.

Step 6

The reason for the appearance of lags can also be viruses that clog the central processor with false commands. To eliminate them, you need to install an antivirus and scan all computer hard drives and portable media with it.

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