Where To Download The Latest Version Of Minecraft

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Where To Download The Latest Version Of Minecraft
Where To Download The Latest Version Of Minecraft

Video: Where To Download The Latest Version Of Minecraft

Video: Where To Download The Latest Version Of Minecraft
Video: Minecraft 1.17.10 Official Version FInally Released | Minecraft Latest Version On Android 2023, March

Each new version of your favorite game is a holiday for true fans of Minecraft. They are eagerly awaiting news of what exactly has changed in the gameplay, what interesting mobs, ores and items have appeared there. However, the main thing they are waiting for is the opportunity to download and try out the new version of Minecraft.

Very interesting mobs appeared in the latest version of Minecraft
Very interesting mobs appeared in the latest version of Minecraft

Changes in the latest version of Minecraft

In September 2014, Minecraft 1.8 was released. It was announced long before the release, and therefore gamers expected its release with joyful anticipation of the upcoming changes in the gameplay. Still - new ores, items and mobs, the elimination of previous lags and other changes only improve the gameplay.

The functional sponge has returned to Minecraft (and not as a regular decoration block, as before). It absorbs liquid in a radius of about six blocks, which for some time have not been filled with anything, thanks to which it has now again become possible to erect any structures deep under water - for example, to build farms or closed rooms there for the extraction of various resources.

To enchant various items in Minecraft, the player will need quite expensive ores - gold and lapis lazuli. How much they are required in each case will be indicated in the recipe in the game itself.

Something has changed in the gameplay. So, trading with the villagers of the NPC will now become more orderly and will begin to bring experience to the gamer. The element of randomness will be significantly reduced in it. By the way, the peasants themselves will be divided not only by profession, but also by class. They also gain the ability to harvest.

Enchanting will cost the player no more than one to three levels (which, however, has become much more difficult to obtain), but it will require the presence of certain materials in the inventory. In addition, only one enchantment will be displayed in the tooltip, and what the rest are, the player will have to calculate by the elimination method (after all, some enchantments are incompatible).

Added to the game and new mobs. One of them is a rabbit, which, unfortunately, cannot yet be tamed. Its ordinary individuals are not aggressive towards the gamer's character. Only a red-eyed killer rabbit will attack him. The silverfish of the End and underwater creatures - ordinary and ancient guards - behave similarly to the latter. These aquatic creatures are unusually strong, are distinguished by very good health (up to 40 hearts) and appear exclusively in a new structure - an underwater fortress.

Where can I download the new version of the game?

Among the new blocks of Minecraft 1.8 are various variants of the underwater mineral prismarine, slime (similar to a not very large slug), as well as stone material brownish-pink granite, white diorite and gray andesite.

The above are not all the changes that have appeared in Minecraft. However, even they will certainly interest many gamers so much that they will certainly want to personally try out new items and meet in the virtual spaces of the game with the mobs that have appeared there.

However, a natural question arises - how to download assembly 1.8? It will be completely irrelevant for license key holders. At the first attempt to enter Minecraft, the system itself will offer them to update the game to its new version. The rest will have to look for another way out.

On many sites from which experienced gamers are used to downloading gaming software, the newest version is still 1.7.10. On others, 1.8 has already appeared. However, not everywhere it is presented in the form of a standard archive - in some places you will have to deal with a torrent.

Do not worry if you fail to get the Russian-language Minecraft in the new build at first. The official translation, as many note, is still far from perfect. Therefore, it is better to use the localization language by applying it to the English version.

It is important that the installer for the updated Minecraft is downloaded from reliable sources. It is worth waiting for the installation files to appear on trusted resources, rather than taking them from dubious sites, risking getting a virus on your computer. In such matters, it is better to be leisurely and circumspect.

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