How To Monitor The Server

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How To Monitor The Server
How To Monitor The Server

Video: How To Monitor The Server

Video: How To Monitor The Server
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The most difficult stage in working with your own CS-server is its creation and configuration. However, your work does not end there, you still need to advertise it. Of course, if you have many acquaintances who can be told the server IP via ICQ, Skype or e-mail, that's great. But to invite outside players, add your server to the monitoring on the corresponding resources on the Internet.

How to monitor the server
How to monitor the server


Step 1

There are many such sites on the Internet, for example, cs-monitor (link to it in the "Additional Sources" section at the end of the article). Go to it and select the item called "Add Server". Alas, you will not be able to use server monitoring if it does not have its own website on the global network. So keep this in mind when adding a server to monitoring.

Step 2

Read the instructions. Its first condition is placing a link on the server site leading to the monitoring site. In addition, you need to register on this site in order for you to be able to edit information about your server. Thus, for the system to function fully, you need to establish a direct or indirect link to the resource of the service provider.

Step 3

Fill in all required and optional additional fields with the appropriate data. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk - this is a universal designation used on many sites during registration.

Step 4

Specify the contact details of the one who will be the server administrator - this is mandatory. If the need arises, they will contact him. The e-mail address with which you can activate your account by following the corresponding link to the official resource in the letter is also indicated without fail.

Step 5

Fill in the field with a description of your server, then enter the code from the picture - captcha. Then click on the "Add" button to complete the registration procedure. If all mandatory fields are filled in correctly, all information will be sent to the monitoring server. There it will be checked by a moderator, after which a message about the CS server you created will be displayed on the monitoring site.

Step 6

Keep in mind that if there is no activity on your server for seven days, information about it will be automatically removed from monitoring. This is specifically done so that the players by the monitoring site are not directed to inactive, let alone nonexistent servers. Also, keep an eye on your account balance. If you allow a debt and do not pay it off within a certain time, your server will be excluded from monitoring.

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