How To Make A Skeleton Head In Minecraft

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How To Make A Skeleton Head In Minecraft
How To Make A Skeleton Head In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Skeleton Head In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Skeleton Head In Minecraft
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The player's requests during the gameplay in Minecraft can increase significantly. Sometimes gamers at a certain point in the game begin to want to change the environment in their home - for example, to acquire unusual items for its decoration. Sometimes "trophy" heads - in particular, the skull of a skeleton - become such interior decorations.

The skeleton's head looks pretty intimidating
The skeleton's head looks pretty intimidating

"Vanilla" mod for obtaining skulls of the undead

Unfortunately for many, such unusual items in the gameplay cannot appear just like that. This will certainly require any special conditions: certain modes, enchantments or special mods. Among the latter, Vanilla Plus is very popular.

The first of them generally adds a lot of necessary things to the game, which delights many gamers. For example, here it becomes possible to craft weapons and armor from emeralds, rubies, obsidian and other very durable minerals. The creation of the heads of various mobs with this mod is generally in the order of things. However, this requires ingredients that are not available outside of Vanilla Plus.

For example, a skeleton head requires only a couple of components to create. One of them is regular bone. You can get it from the "living" skeleton. If you enter into battle with him and win, it will drop out as loot.

Another ingredient for crafting the head of this mob is a piece of its skull (a similar item is found exclusively in the above modification of "Minecraft"). It needs to be installed in the center slot of the workbench, and a bone in its lower right cell. As a result, the desired head will come out.

Other mods for obtaining a similar trophy and creativity

However, there are other Minecraft modifications to create the coveted trophy item. Among them, Jammy Furniture Mod is especially famous. This mod allows you to craft various household items, including decorating the walls and shelves of the dwelling with different heads, as well as making some kind of stands out of them.

Here, to create the above part of the skeleton's torso, more ingredients are required than in Vanilla Plus. These include, of course, bone, some redstone dust, and seven blocks of light gray wool. If you have this material in any other shade in your inventory, simply expose it to the appropriate dye.

Light gray paint in Minecraft is obtained in two ways. It is necessary to combine on a workbench two parts of bone meal and one part of an ink sac (taken from octopuses). Another option is to mix the gray dye with flour in a 1 to 1 ratio.

When all the ingredients are collected, you need to place a bone in the central slot of the machine, under it - redstone dust, and the remaining cells will be occupied by wool painted in a light gray shade. All that remains is to pick up the finished head and install it in the right place. By the way, if you right-click on it, you will hear a crunch of bones.

Another way to get hold of the skeleton's head is to simply chop it off from him. True, this will only work in the creative mode of the game. There, eggs for spawning mobs appear in the player's inventory, with which you can spawn the necessary mobs. Previously, it is worth digging a deep hole in solid blocks, surrounding it with torches, and then making the skeletons appear only in the created depression and kill them there.

However, with a simple destruction of this mob, nothing will come of it. In order to be able to get the head from him as loot when killed, you should fight with him with a diamond sword, enchanted for prey. True, even in this case, in such an undertaking, success is not guaranteed. That is why it takes such a large number of "bony" mobs themselves - in order to increase the chance that the head of any of them will drop.

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