How To Play The Game Domovyata In Classmates

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How To Play The Game Domovyata In Classmates
How To Play The Game Domovyata In Classmates

Video: How To Play The Game Domovyata In Classmates

Video: How To Play The Game Domovyata In Classmates
Video: Мой мир игра "Домовята". Инструкция по установке приложения "Игроклуб". 2023, May

You can endlessly play the online game Domovyata on the Odnoklassniki website. In it, new quests constantly drop out, by completing which you get coins and experience, but spend power. The more experience you earn, the faster you move to the next level, each of which opens up more opportunities.

Domovyata game
Domovyata game

Complete tasks

Starting to play Domovyat, pay attention to the tasks that appear on the screen on the left. At the very first stages, you will see simple tasks - sweep the hut, clean the pans, remove the cobwebs, etc. For each action, you will receive several coins, but when you harvest, you spend some power.

To restore the units of the silushka, you need to wait a certain time - gradually the energy will be restored by itself. But when you complete tasks, you are awarded not only bonuses, but also food in the form of cupcakes. By clicking on the food image, choose a dish for your brownie - pie, cheesecake, etc.

In the initial tasks of the game, there will be a condition to buy flower pots. Purchase them and go to the store for flower seeds. Keep in mind that the longer the flowers ripen, the more expensive they are, but they will not fade for a long time and will "wait" for you to pick them. If you do not plant flowers for a long time or forgot to harvest, cobwebs appear on the pots, you can plant the following seeds only after you put the pots in order.

In order to have more opportunities for action, it is necessary to expand access to the various rooms of the hut. The entrance to the room, basement, workshop, bathhouse and handicraft is closed from the beginning of the game, so you need to complete quests or spend "Oki" to unlock.

Earn popularity points, points and food

You can earn points by performing the necessary actions during the game. So, for example, when cleaning up garbage or sweeping a hut, you may come across a kikimora. It must be driven away, otherwise you will not be able to remove the garbage around the evil spirits. Shoot the kikimora with a slingshot, with 3-5 shots it will disappear, and you will get coins.

Don't forget to wash your dirty brownie. Having money, you can buy interesting clothes and various accessories for your character in the store. For these actions, you will definitely get points in the popularity box.

You can also earn money by selling flour, which must be made at the mill. To do this, clear the entrance to the mill and move the bag with grain into it, which you can buy in the store or search in the warehouse, because grain is sometimes dropped as a gift for actions performed or quests completed. Remember to collect the grind after 4 or 6 hours, depending on the grain size.

Go visit

In Domovyaty you can visit friends playing this game from your profile on Odnoklassniki. To do this, send them a request or agree to become a neighbor in the messages sent to you.

When you visit your friends' huts, you can help them - remove garbage, water flowers, etc. For each action you are awarded bonuses and when you visit each friend, you earn 1 strength. Also, your friends can come to visit you and help you with the housework.

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