How To Create A Clan In Minecraft

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How To Create A Clan In Minecraft
How To Create A Clan In Minecraft

Video: How To Create A Clan In Minecraft

Video: How To Create A Clan In Minecraft
Video: How to create a clan in SimpleClans plugin. 2023, September

Playing Minecraft on a server is very different from any other form of gameplay organization. The only drawback of such a virtual pastime can only be the need to act according to the rules set by someone (in this case, by the admins), which some people do not like. However, the rest of the server gameplay is solid pluses, and one of the most significant of them is the ability for players to unite in special groups - factions, or clans.

In the clan, everyone is a mountain for each other
In the clan, everyone is a mountain for each other

What are clans for in Minecraft

Such a combination in the sometimes harsh conditions of the game for gamers can be a real salvation and support. One of the obvious advantages of the one who joined the clan over the "loner" is getting a special starter kit with the necessary items at first: materials for crafting the most necessary things, food, etc.

In a survival game - and most Minecraft servers are built on it - such help in the first minutes of gameplay often plays a decisive role in saving the life of the "miner" on the very first night (when he, who has not yet managed to accumulate a lot of funds to protect himself from monsters, will have to deal with their hordes) and in his later in-game success.

In addition, one cannot discount the fact that a clan is a group of like-minded people. Sometimes they are not even familiar with each other in real life, in virtual life they are forced to unite for the sake of common successful advancement in the game. Such mutual assistance is important both in the fight against hostile mobs and in confronting griefing (with which the joint efforts of several people are still easier to cope with), and especially where PvP is allowed - players inflicting damage to each other.

It is impossible to ignore another advantage. On many "minecraft" servers there is such a practice when the leaders of the clan distribute tasks to its members. By completing such assignments, gamers earn a certain reward - in the form of virtual money, which can be used to purchase something useful in the game, or ready-made items in the inventory (weapons, ammunition, food, etc.).

Clan Creation Principles

In order for such a function to be available on the server, it is necessary that its admins install the appropriate plugin. Often they choose SimpleClans for such purposes, which has already proven itself well on many playgrounds. If no plug-in of this type has been installed yet, you can contact the server administration using the feedback system with a corresponding request.

Usually, to create your clan, you only need one phrase in the chat - / clan create, followed by a tag with a color code (in the form of a number - it will set the shade in which the name of the group will be painted) and the intended name. If in the future you want to change something in such an inscription, then it can be modified thanks to such a command - / clan modtag, after which it will be necessary to indicate the changes being made.

Often, in order to avoid the formation of one-day factions, server admins establish strict rules: if no one joins the newly formed grouping within 24 hours, it is automatically destroyed. In addition, all this time it will be considered unconfirmed, and many useful options in the game will not be available to its participants.

In order to avoid the fact that the clan will actually be deleted at the very start of its existence, its owners should immediately invite at least one or two players there, whom they would certainly like to see there. This is done by the / clan invite command with the gamer's nickname. When the group has already acquired several members, its status should be changed to confirmed as soon as possible. For this, as a rule, they turn to the server administration.

Intra-clan operations

Within a clan, you can - and should - change the rank of members. This will allow you to systematize the players according to the degree of trust in them and at the same time establish a certain "trial period" for beginners. The latter are usually automatically assigned the untrusted rank. In order to increase them, the leader of their faction will need to enter the / clan trust command plus the nickname of the participant in respect of whom such actions are performed. After that, he will become a "trusted".

However, the gamer can be further increased in rank by making him one of the leaders of the group. This requires the consent of other clan leaders, as well as the introduction of the / clan promote command with a nickname separated by a space. To expel a player from the ranks of the leaders, it will be necessary to simply replace the word promote with demote in the above phrase.

Gamers can be assigned other ranks that do not have special functional significance, but serve as a kind of benchmark for other members of the clan. For example, enter / clan setrank, and then, separated by spaces, the nickname and the phrase "patron chief" (without quotes). Then the rest of the faction will know that this particular member should be contacted for ammunition.

The leader sets the teleportation place for all members of the group (/ clan home set - but such a point is marked only once and can then be changed only by one of the admins), moves its members there if necessary (/ clan home regroup - if you enter this command without the last word, then you will be able to go to the specified coordinates yourself).

In addition, leaders can view the coordinates of their "classmates" and the distance to them (/ clan coords), the amount of their vitals (/ clan vitals) and a complete list with ranks (/ clan roster).

The groups sometimes declare war on each other, or vice versa - they conclude some kind of alliance agreement. In the first case, when you want to designate a clan as your opponent, you need to enter / clan rival add and its tag separated by a space, and in the second - a similar command, but instead of rival it will be ally.