How To Make A Long Nickname

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How To Make A Long Nickname
How To Make A Long Nickname

Video: How To Make A Long Nickname

Video: How To Make A Long Nickname
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The Internet and local networks allow people who are at a great distance from each other to communicate. Dating sites, online games, forums, chats - all this allows you to find new friends and like-minded people. One of the advantages of the Internet is anonymity, when each person does not introduce himself by name and surname, but has his own nickname.

How to make a long nickname
How to make a long nickname


Step 1

Decide where exactly you will use your nickname. Perhaps it will be a forum, chat, game, social network, or your own blog. In addition, a nickname is required for programs that involve communication using short messages (for example, ICQ).

Step 2

Decide what goals you are pursuing when choosing a network name for yourself. If you want your friends and acquaintances to recognize you, try to always use the same nickname in all social networks, blogs, forums, etc., tell it to your friends, so that it is easier to find you online.

Step 3

Choose an image that will match your nickname. Try to describe yourself by making a list of physical features, behavior patterns, peculiarities of emotional perception of life, etc. Try to highlight the unique traits that are unique to you.

Step 4

Often a person's nickname is also a means of expressing his attitude towards other network users. Looking at a pseudonym, people represent a certain image and form their attitude towards a person, so it is so important to choose the right nickname that is both suitable for you and at the same time does not carry anything negative in relation to other users. For example, not everyone will want to communicate with a person under the pseudonym "Fiend of Hell" or "Unhappy Suicide".

Step 5

Decide what topic you want to reflect in your nickname. If you use a nickname for the game, you can identify yourself with any character. On thematic forums, you can use nicknames that characterize your belonging to a certain group of people (for example, "Alexander the fisherman" or "Happy owner of a car").

Step 6

Use phrases in your pseudonym, add various definitions to a noun or proper name. To make the nickname even longer, use the full name or even the surname and patronymic of the character you like. Pay attention to what characters your nickname will be written with. Using the letters of the Latin alphabet and using transliteration, you can also lengthen the pseudonym, since many letters of the Russian alphabet sound like a combination of two or more letters of the Latin alphabet (for example, "I" as ya or "sh" as sh). Spaces between words in a nickname can be filled with characters such as an underscore or a hyphen, for example Samaya_pushystaya_koshechka or "Thumb Boy".

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