How To Beat The Omega Weapon In Final Fantasy VIII

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How To Beat The Omega Weapon In Final Fantasy VIII
How To Beat The Omega Weapon In Final Fantasy VIII

Video: How To Beat The Omega Weapon In Final Fantasy VIII

Video: How To Beat The Omega Weapon In Final Fantasy VIII
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The Omega Weapon is undisputedly the most powerful boss in Final Fantasy 8. What is there - in the entire FF series! If you have not found and defeated him, consider that you did not receive a third of the pleasure from passing the eighth "Final". How to defeat the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII is, of course, a million dollar question (by the way, this is exactly how much HP Omega has, even more - 1,161,000). But this boss also needs to be found, because walking around the castle of Ultimecia, you can easily miss him.

How to beat the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII
How to beat the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII

So, first of all, you need to know how to summon Omega Weapons. It is not necessary to download all the heroes in this game. The main thing is to have three strong characters with the best magic and bindings, who will make up the assault team. In the room of the witch's castle to the right of the hall there is a bell, which the characters of the weak group must strike. At this very time, the assault group should be fully assembled at the fountain. After ringing the bell, switch to your "stormtroopers" and run with a bullet to the organ, because the boss will be waiting for you only a minute.

Choice of tactics

Now the most "tasty" begins - in fact, the battle. But first, you should choose the appropriate tactics, because casting your strongest elemental magic on the boss and healing every turn is not an option. In addition, Omega absorbs almost all elemental attacks, and his Terra Break and Medigo Flame techniques kill characters in a moment, no matter how much HP you have.

So, there are only 5 ways to overwhelm the Omega Weapon:

Holy war

This item temporarily grants characters immortality, so you can defeat Omega without any problems. By sacrificing the Gilgamesh card, you can get 10 Holy Wars, and 2 will be enough to defeat the boss.

The end

This Selfi limit will allow you to instantly end your opponent. The drop of this limit depends on luck, so before the fight, bind Aura magic to her for good luck and activate the Luck + 50% ability.

Invincible moon

This Rinoa limit works similarly to Holy War. But it rarely drops out, so this is a controversial method.

Low Level Challenge

This is not even a way, but a kind of challenge. Its essence is to defeat Omega before he uses his most powerful magic. To do this, you must come to battle with a minimum level and strength of 255, pumped with the help of Str Up items. And then the boss will lay down after 3-5 good limits. But to get hold of the cherished Str Up's, you have to play cards for a very long time.

Honest victory

All of the above methods can hardly be called fair. And this is not only an honest way to defeat Omega Weapons, but also the most interesting one. In addition, by destroying an adversary without the help of any immortality, you will receive maximum satisfaction from victory.

Omega has an impressive set of techniques at his disposal, but he uses them, following a clear pattern, knowing which, it will be easier for you to defeat him. So, you need the Defend teams that Cactuar and the Brothers own; a high indicator of Spirit, which can be achieved by tying Reflect magic to it and abilities like Spr + 60%; and as many Megalixirs as possible (the Bahamut map gives as many as 100 pieces). A hero with weak magic protection can also be equipped with Doomtrain's Auto-Shell ability. And do not forget to tie Death magic to status protection, because Omega will start with it.

Combat with the Omega Weapon

First of all, the boss will apply level 5 Death magic, but it will pass by, since you already have 100 spells of the same name on status protection. Next comes Meteor, which will give you a lot of trouble.

Use Megalixirs with one hero, put Meltdown on Omega with the second, and let the third character stand as a safety net in case the boss decides to use a physical attack. By the time the turn of Medigo Flame comes up, all your heroes should have 9999 lives, because it removes exactly 9998 HP from each character.

Now all heroes have 1 health point, which means it's time to use the limits. Use them safely, because Omega's next attack, Gravija, will have no effect. Next, use Squall his crown Renzokuken, and the rest of the heroes use the Defend team.

The next boss attack, no less powerful, is Terra Break. She deals about 12 powerful blows to all characters. But since this technique is purely physical in nature, only Squall will die from it. Revive him with the second character and let them both into battle - before the next boss attack, you will have time to use the limits a couple of times.

Let the third hero use Mega-Potion on everyone, which will help to slightly heal the group and survive after the magic of Ultima, but at the same time will allow you to continue using the limits. If you have a high Spirit score, 2000 HP will be enough for you.

Hit Omega with limits until he applies the Light Pillar attack, which will surely kill one of the group. Resurrect him and use Megalixirs. Then the boss goes to the second circle and all his attacks are repeated, starting with the magic of Meteor. Continue to act according to the given scenario, and after a few cycles Omega Weapon will crash. And you will get a Proof of Omega in your inventory, which says that you are the strongest fighter in the world.


That, in fact, is all: Omega is defeated, the game is practically completed, and only Ultimecia is left ahead. True, there will still be several battles, because the witch will appear before you in several guises. But that's a completely different story.

It is interesting

Omega Weapon is found not only in Final Fantasy VIII, but also in some other parts of the series, for example, in VI and X. This is one of the "chips" FF, like Sid, whose name flashes in almost every "Fantasy". By the way, almost all Sids provide the main characters of the game with one or another means of transportation. The creators of the FF series explain that their Sid is analogous to Yoda from Star Wars, helping players and guiding them on the right path.