How To Beat The Game Gladiators

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How To Beat The Game Gladiators
How To Beat The Game Gladiators

Video: How To Beat The Game Gladiators

Video: How To Beat The Game Gladiators
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No need to complain about your inability to play or ask advanced gamers to help you learn. To start playing Gladiators, follow the Senator and get the first quests.

How to beat the game Gladiators
How to beat the game Gladiators


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Step 1

First, build a school for gladiators. Go to "Residence" - "Buildings".

Step 2

You can get the cheapest and youngest fighter in the slave market. Go to "City" - "Tavern" or "City" - "Slave Market". It is best to hire gladiators under 25 years old and with a talent of at least 7. Why? The younger the slave, the less injuries he gets, and the higher the talent, the faster he goes through training. Eighteen-year-old fighters can be put on the first battles without the presence of a healer. The peak of the gladiator's training falls on 24-25 years. They age at the beginning and middle of the month by two years, respectively.

Step 3

Also, remember that a gladiator school requires a coach. "Residence" - "My buildings" - hire. Next, "Squad" - "Training", set 100% and save. Put your workouts at night. And to reduce the risk of injury during the fight, lower the level.

Step 4

Once you have hired fighters and trained them, you can start fighting. For two victories or draws, the gladiator fully pays for himself in price. to get started, go to "Miscellaneous" - "Types of gladiators." It is imperative to read this information. To start the battle, go to "Arena" - "Combat training". You can call or apply for a battle with this or that participant of your choice.

Step 5

To heal injuries and improve recovery from combat, healers and masseurs are needed. Click "Squad" - "Recovery". Remove injuries as a minus, restore endurance as a plus. If the gladiator does not train, he will recover himself in two and a half hours.

Step 6

Shake the gladiator during combat with Rage. When falling into this state, fatigue completely disappears, pain disappears, the fighter goes only to the attack and blocks the stun. All gladiators have a rage indicator. it increases if a fighter misses strikes, makes mistakes when attacking or defending.

Step 7

It is important to choose the right tactics and counter-tactics. There are no universal techniques. And in this case, knowing the types of gladiators helps to make the right choice.

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