How To Put A Plugin In A Single Player Game In Minecraft

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How To Put A Plugin In A Single Player Game In Minecraft
How To Put A Plugin In A Single Player Game In Minecraft

Video: How To Put A Plugin In A Single Player Game In Minecraft

Video: How To Put A Plugin In A Single Player Game In Minecraft
Video: Install Plugins On Singleplayer Minecraft! || CryptixGame 2023, March

Many regulars of Minecraft multiplayer resources are aware of various plugins that bring new possibilities to the game. Some users probably dream of transferring the most interesting moments of such gameplay into a single player game. Are there singleplayer plugins available?

Any plugin will transform your game world
Any plugin will transform your game world

It is necessary

  • - installer for the required plugin
  • - some additional programs


Step 1

Most of the plugins are created in order to ensure the preservation of a certain configuration of servers, including a set of some commands on them. In this regard, remember that it will be incredibly difficult for you to transfer such software products into a single player game: the way they install and operate is too different from what is needed for a single player. Therefore, if you have such a desire, it is better to create a game resource solely for your own needs.

Step 2

Download the installer for it from the official Minecraft portal or from the Bukkit website, save it to a folder specially created for such a file, run it to generate the game world, and upon completion of this process, stop the server console with the / stop command. Find the ops text file in the resulting server directory and enter your nickname there, thereby giving yourself administrative powers. In the document, which is responsible for server settings, write down the appropriate settings by specifying the value of certain parameters - true (enabled) or false (disabled).

Step 3

Download the installation file for the plugin you need from a trusted resource. Log in to your server and go to the FTP manager on it - or simply open the folder with the files responsible for its operation. Just in case, make a backup copy of them, so that in case of unsuccessful installation of the plugin, roll back the server to the previous version. Find among its folders designated as plugins and open it. Copy the installer to the software product you need exactly there. Start the server, then stop it. The plugin will be installed automatically and will become available the next time you enter your playground.

Step 4

If you have no desire to keep a Minecraft server on your computer (after all, it is resource-intensive), try to act a little differently. Find single player versions of your favorite plugins. For example, the famous software product WorldEdit, which allows you to change the relief of the map, copy and transfer various objects from one area to another, corresponds to the Single Player Commands mod. Choose a plugin installer compatible with the version of Minecraft that you have installed on a reliable resource.

Step 5

Carefully study the instructions for installing it, which is usually either written on the resource from which it is downloaded, or available in the readme file zipped with it. If you need to pre-install other programs - Minecraft Forge, ModLoader, etc. - do so. After installing them, open the game directory. As a rule, you can find it by entering% appdata% /. Minecraft in the Run line of the computer start menu. Install the plugin as required. To do this, transfer the files from its archive to the mods folder, or edit the files with the.jar and.json extensions, or use other recommendations of the author of this software product. Save all the settings you want and restart the game.

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