Assassins Creed Unity Review

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Assassins Creed Unity Review
Assassins Creed Unity Review

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Video: Assassins Creed Unity Review
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It's been only a year with a little tail since the release of the pirate third-person action game Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and Ubisoft has already released a new part of the AC series. This review will focus on Assassin's Creed Unity. Although there are no sea battles, capture of enemy forts, treasure diving in shark-infested depths and other pirate entertainment in this part, Unity is worthy of attention of fans of the series in particular and action-packed action games in general.

Assassins Creed Unity Review
Assassins Creed Unity Review

Optimization of the game leaves much to be desired, you can talk for a long time about bugs and FPS subsidence, but the graphics are still at their best, animation, work with light, and the detailing of the game world in places are simply mesmerizing. So aside from poor optimization, this product is very enjoyable.

See Paris and take revenge …

The game takes place in Paris in the 18th-19th centuries, the main character is named Arno Dorian. At first, the plot develops quite banal - the murder of a loved one, a thirst for revenge. However, the further, the more interesting the storyline becomes.

As for the game space, Paris is, of course, not the seas-oceans that Edward Kenway plows, but the player will have a place to roam, since the scale, as the developers assure, is 1: 1, and not reduced, as in previous games in the series. The city turned out to be very atmospheric and much more lively than in the previous parts.

Back to the Future

In Unity, the place of periodic game inserts for Desmond Miles or other characters in real time was taken by the so-called rifts. The main character periodically gets to Paris for a short time at different times. This is quite interesting and fresh - what is only Paris in 1944, occupied by the Nazis. The storyline is quite rich in tasks, but there are so many side missions, as well as additional content, that you can play for a long time without even taking on the main tasks.

Instead of tasks related to spying on all sorts of villains, in Unity you complete the so-called Parisian Stories - these are side tasks based on real events. Each new "story" is not like the previous ones. In addition, you have to investigate murders, improve your lair, located in the Teatr cafe, solve the riddles of the famous Nostradamus and pump your character. By the way, experts from Ubisoft approached pumping the main character more than seriously. For kills of various kinds, they give special points with which you can improve your assassin skills, and for completing major tasks you are awarded with another "currency" that serves to unlock new skills.

They are greeted by clothes

The game has a lot of uniforms of different looks and different properties. The weapon is divided into three types: fast one-handed, pole-arm and two-handed lethal. You can get weapons in different ways: in stores, for completing tasks, some samples are available almost immediately, but they are too expensive. Develop the Teatr cafe as much as possible and regularly collect tribute from it in order to get a powerful weapon without investing real money in the game.

Combat system

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about the combat system. At first glance, it has not changed very much, but if in the same Black Flag it was possible to deal with 5 or even 10 opponents without much difficulty, then in Unity even 2-3 soldiers can send your hero to the forefathers. Now you need to carefully choose the right moments to strike, parry, counterattack. And stealth is more emphasized in this installment of the series than in its predecessors.


Despite the obvious imperfection of Assassin's Creed Unity, it is worth playing at least in order to enjoy the huge detailed Paris and its beautiful landscapes. And of course, do not forget about rifts and a wide variety of main and additional tasks - this is also an undoubted plus of the last game in the AC series at the moment.

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