How To Connect Two Internet

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How To Connect Two Internet
How To Connect Two Internet

Video: How To Connect Two Internet

Video: How To Connect Two Internet
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Comprehensive Internet connection setup is a very important step. If you have several wireless access points in your apartment, then you can very successfully share them.

How to connect two internet
How to connect two internet


  • two Wi-Fi routers
  • network cables


Step 1

Consider a situation when you need to combine two Wi-Fi networks into a single whole. Typically, this method is used to provide Internet access from all equipment connected to both points.

Step 2

Ideally, both access points should be built using similar Wi-Fi routers, but if this condition is not met, then the likelihood of network merging decreases slightly.

Step 3

Choose one of the routers, preferably more powerful, and connect the internet connection cable to it. This must be done using the Internet port.

Step 4

If the connection to the Internet has not yet been configured, then complete this setting. Connect your computer or laptop to the router via the LAN port. Open the device settings menu. To do this, enter its IP address in the address bar of the browser.

Step 5

Go to the Internet Connection Setup menu. Fill all necessary fields. How to do this, check with your provider. Be sure to turn on the DHCP function.

Step 6

Connect the second Wi-Fi router to the first one so that one end of the network cable is connected to the Internet port of the second router, and the other to the LAN port of the first.

Step 7

Go back to the first Wi-Fi router. Open the Wireless Internet Setup menu. Create an access point and name it, say home_Wi-Fi_1. Set a password. Select the radio type 802.11b / g / n (mixed) and the security type WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK (mixed). If you do not have the opportunity to enable just such parameters, then select one of the presented ones.

Step 8

Open similar settings of the second router. Name the network home_Wi-Fi_2. Specify the same network parameters as in the previous step. Reboot both Wi-Fi routers. Now a laptop or PDA connected to any of these access points will have access to the Internet.

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