How To Cancel An Offer On VKontakte

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How To Cancel An Offer On VKontakte
How To Cancel An Offer On VKontakte

Video: How To Cancel An Offer On VKontakte

Video: How To Cancel An Offer On VKontakte
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Social media is a great way to find old acquaintances and make friends with people who are interested in the same thing as you. The Vkontakte network is one of the most popular. It allows you to either offer friendship to another user or refuse this step.

How to cancel an offer on VKontakte
How to cancel an offer on VKontakte


Vkontakte page


Step 1

Find the user you are interested in in the search engine. Go to his page. To follow the updates that are available to all registered users of "Vkontakte", you just need to click on the "Add to friends" button, which is located just below the userpic. True, if the person does not reciprocate you, you will not be able to see all the entries. The owner of the page you are interested in will be among your idols, and you will be able to visit him by simply following the link.

Step 2

Some social media users are very attentive to whether they are friends or not. Many people do not like it when a user who has refused them friendship automatically falls into the category of "Idols". If you belong to this category and the user to whom you proposed to be friends does not reciprocate with you, you can withdraw your offer. Exit to the required page.

Step 3

Under the userpic you will find a button that says: "You have sent a friend request to such a user, and also subscribed to updates on his page." There is a link "Cancel" next to it. Click on it - your offer of friendship will expire.

Step 4

You may need to remove a user from your friends. Go to the desired page and find the inscription that this user is your friend. There you will also see a link with a proposal to remove him from friends. By clicking on it, you will lose the ability to track updates to his page. But at the same time, he will remain in your subscribers, and he will have access to materials that you keep open to all registered "Vkontakte".

Step 5

You can remove from friends in another way. Go to the page "My friends". There you will find a list. Next to each name there is a “Remove from friends” option. You just need to click on the link. On the same page, you can add someone to a special list or, on the contrary, remove from it.

Step 6

To prevent an unpleasant user from sending you messages and monitoring your page updates, blacklist him. Enter "Settings". On the top menu, you will see the "Blacklist" tab. Go to it. At the top of the page, you will see a window in which you need to enter the user's name or the address of his page. The second is preferable.

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