What Affiliate Programs Do Online Stores Offer?

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What Affiliate Programs Do Online Stores Offer?
What Affiliate Programs Do Online Stores Offer?

Video: What Affiliate Programs Do Online Stores Offer?

Video: What Affiliate Programs Do Online Stores Offer?
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Affiliate program (English affiliate program) or "affiliate program" - a form of business cooperation between the seller and partners in the sale of any product or the provision of services. Allows the seller to reduce the cost of attracting the end customer, and the partner - to receive a commission for attracting a client.

An affiliate program is the most accessible type of Internet business for beginners, because does not require an office, start-up capital, special specific knowledge for work.

What affiliate programs do online stores offer?
What affiliate programs do online stores offer?

Types of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are divided into several types depending on what they pay money for. There are several schemes according to which payments can be made to the participants of the affiliate program:

1. Payment for the sale.

How it works: a member of an affiliate program places on the Internet a special link to a product (flowers, household appliances, etc.) or a service that a certain site sells and receives established commissions at the expense of people who follow this link and purchase a product or service.

2. Payment for action.

Principle of operation: the participant places on the Internet a special link to the partner's website, and earns the established commission due to the actions of people (dating sites, currency exchange offices).

3. Multilevel marketing.

Principle of work: the participant attracts people to the affiliate program, and receives his commission from the income of the attracted people. The attracted people, accordingly, receive their commissions from the income of the people attracted by them.

Online store affiliate programs

An online store is the most common way to sell on the Internet. Online stores offer affiliate programs for physical products. The advantages of such "affiliate programs" are that:

- it is much easier for a client to buy something physical that he understands, can touch and see (a book, clothes, etc.);

- such sites focus on sales, so all their offers look “tasty” and “mouth-watering”.

But there are also disadvantages:

- small commissions: from 1 to 10 percent;

- not all people are used to buying things through online stores.

The most popular affiliate programs of the following online stores:

Ozon.ru accepts any partners. By filling out the "Application for an affiliate program" form, you automatically become an active partner of OZON.ru. Partners without their own sites can also participate in the affiliate program. In the Ozon online store, there are many different relevant seasonal products. This contributes to constant earnings through the affiliate program.

Sapato.ru is one of the largest online services for the sale of branded footwear and accessories. The store is interesting in that it constantly holds promotions and sales. Payments to the participant of the affiliate program are made for the paid order.

Ellos.ru is an online store of Scandinavian clothing for women, men and children, as well as shoes, accessories and household goods. The online store has a ton of seasonal items. Therefore, there is always a demand.

Lamoda.ru is the largest online store in Russia, representing over 800,000 products and 700 genuine global brands of clothing, footwear and accessories. Payment - the percentage of sales from the purchase amount.

Signs of scammers

There are several basic principles that you should adhere to when choosing an affiliate program:

1. Fraudsters pay to attract new members to the affiliate program.

2. Too high interest rates. So, for training courses, the percentage per sale can be up to 70 percent, but in the securities market - even 30 percent is too much.

3. Scammers are not interested in the product of a large number of potential customers.

Tips for choosing an affiliate program

1. The most profitable affiliate programs for the sale of physical things, namely, women.

2. If you sell virtual services (licenses, training, etc.), then the most profitable for you is working with affiliate programs that have two-step sales.

2. When choosing an affiliate program, pay attention to how often and how payments are made.

3. Pay attention to what additional conditions exist (contract, minimum sales, etc.).