How To Watch TV Programs

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How To Watch TV Programs
How To Watch TV Programs

Video: How To Watch TV Programs

Video: How To Watch TV Programs
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You can watch TV programs using not only a TV, but also a computer or mobile phone. Some methods of viewing them involve receiving from the air, others - downloading data in real time from a telecommunications network.

How to watch TV programs
How to watch TV programs


Step 1

To watch TV broadcasts from the air on a computer monitor, purchase a special device - a TV tuner. Select the correct type of this appliance. An external tuner plugged into the monitor cord is compatible with any OS and works even when the computer is off, but is suitable for use only with VGA monitors. The tuner, made in the form of a PCI card, is suitable only for desktop computers, but many of them are compatible with Linux. In the latter case, it may not support the high-frequency part - then connect a VCR with a tuner to its low-frequency input. An external USB tuner is the only one listed that can work with a laptop, but it can have serious problems with respect to compatibility with various operating systems.

Step 2

To watch TV broadcasts from the air on the screen of your mobile phone, use a special device equipped with a built-in analog TV tuner. Basically, these are phones made in China. They can be distinguished from others by the presence of a retractable telescopic antenna. Remember that the reliability of such devices leaves much to be desired, and the reception quality is no better than when using the built-in antenna of a conventional portable TV.

Step 3

To watch a TV channel in real time via the Internet, go to its official website, and then try to find the corresponding page on it. Please note that sometimes it is positioned in such a way that it is difficult to find it. In this case, go to the following site:

Find the country you are interested in in the list, select it, and then the channel you are interested in. Channels broadcasting in Windows Media Player format are marked with a green icon, and in Flash format with an orange icon. In the second case, you can also view them in Linux.

After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the channel's official website page where the player is located.

Step 4

If you missed a particular TV show, you will have to look for it in the archive. Most TV channels (even those that do not broadcast live on the Internet) have archives of recently released programs on their official websites. Note, however, that an exception is usually made for movies transmitted by the channel.

Step 5

If you are a subscriber of the mobile operator "Beeline", to view TV programs both in real time and in the phone is compatible with it, and then dial the USSD-command * 506 #. Download the dedicated TV viewing app. To set up your phone, as well as deactivate the service, contact a support consultant. The subscription fee for using the "Video Portal" is 8 rubles per day (additional packages can be connected for a separate fee), and the traffic consumed when using it in the home network, provided it is configured correctly, is not charged.

If you have a phone supporting the DVB-H standard, you can use another Beeline service called Mobile TV. It is available only in Moscow, and is free during the test period. After putting into commercial operation, the service will become paid. To use it, make sure that your phone is compatible with DVB-H, change the SIM-card at the operator's office for a new one, with the support of the service, and then connect it by calling 06048 and following the prompts of the automatic informant.

Step 6

If you are a subscriber of "Megafon", use the service, which is called the same as that of "Beeline" - "Video Portal". It does not differ either in terms of provision, or in the cost of the basic package, or even in what USSD command is used to connect it. The only difference is the assortment and cost of additional packages.