What Are The Weapons In The Cop

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What Are The Weapons In The Cop
What Are The Weapons In The Cop

Video: What Are The Weapons In The Cop

Video: What Are The Weapons In The Cop
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The hugely popular online shooter Counter-Strike has stubbornly stubbornly stays on since its release in 2004, constantly supplementing and changing. Undoubtedly, one of the main features of the "counter" is a wide arsenal of weapons, individual for each of the warring factions.

What are the weapons in the cop
What are the weapons in the cop


  • - computer
  • - computer game Counter-Strike (any series)


Step 1

Once in the game, open the store and see the content available to you. Open the section "pistols". In front of you, depending on the selected side of the game, will appear:

The Glock 18 is the main pistol for terrorists, featuring a large magazine, bursting capability and low lethality.

The HK USP is the main spetsnaz pistol with a silencer. Standing out for high accuracy and lethality, it has an insufficiently large clip.

The Desert Eagle is an accurate, lethal and long-range pistol, which has a low rate of fire and a small number of rounds in the clip.

Beretta 92 - two pistols in hand that provide a high rate of fire and a large ammo capacity. The price for this is a very long reload time and low firing accuracy.

Step 2

After that, open the "shotguns" section. There you will see only two instances:

Benelli M3 - has a high penetration power, but a long reload time.

Benelli XM - on the contrary, shoots at the speed of a pistol and reloads quickly, but the lethality is much weaker than that of the previous one.

Step 3

Then open the next section - submachine guns.

The MAC-10 and TMP are virtually identical Uzi weapons. They are distinguished by a high rate of fire and effectiveness against enemies without armor. At the same time, the accuracy of firing from them is low, and the recoil is high, which makes them effective only in a point-blank collision.

MP5 is the best submachine gun in terms of price-accuracy-lethality ratio.

P90 - its feature is a frantic rate of fire and a large magazine, which allows you to simply sweep away enemies with fire. Unfortunately, its price is one of the highest.

Step 4

Going to the "Assault Rifles" section, you will see:

FAMAS - the few advantages of which are low price and relatively high accuracy.

Galil is a favorite of terrorists for its spacious magazine, good accuracy and good destructive power.

The M4A1 is the main spetsnaz weapon, capable of silent firing, combining high performance and a reasonable price.

The AK-47 is the weapon of choice for terrorists. Differs in high lethality and predictable spread, which makes this machine a terrible weapon in the right hands.

AUG - analogue of M4A1, only with a telescopic sight and a higher price

Step 5

Click on the penultimate section "sniper rifles" and you will see:

The AWP is the most expensive and powerful rifle in the game available to both sides. Its disadvantage is the small number of wearable cartridges.

The Scout is the cheapest and lightest rifle, effective at long range against opponents with submachine guns.

The SG-550 and G3 / SG-1 are rifles with a large magazine and a high rate of fire, the price paid for which is low accuracy.

Step 6

Open the last section "machine guns" and pay attention to one and only representative of this type of weapon:

The M249 is a very expensive and lethal machine gun, with a low rate of fire and the highest penetration power in the game. Due to the unpredictable spread of bullets, it can only be used effectively by experienced players.

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