How To Insert A Clan Emblem

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How To Insert A Clan Emblem
How To Insert A Clan Emblem

Video: How To Insert A Clan Emblem

Video: How To Insert A Clan Emblem
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In the game world of Lineage, you can create groups of like-minded people in which users jointly participate in the life of the server. Such groups are called clans. Each clan can create and install for itself a unique graphic sign-emblem, which will distinguish it from other groups of players.

How to insert a clan emblem
How to insert a clan emblem


  • - clan emblem;
  • - graphics editor;
  • - account in Lineage.


Step 1

Find the right picture for your logo. If you do not want to come up with an original icon for your clan, use the collection of pictures that are specially collected for this purpose by sites dedicated to the game. A large collection can be found on the lineage knowledge base site at

Step 2

Having decided on the choice, copy the picture you like to your computer. You can simply save it in the root directory of the disk or add it to the systems folder of the Lineage II game client. The second option is more convenient and preferable.

Step 3

If you want to create your own unique logo, use a graphics editor such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Create a new file and draw a suitable pattern on it. Or open a suitable image in the program and reduce it to the required size. The size of the logo must be fixed. The icon is 12 pixels high and 16 pixels wide. When finished working on the picture, save it in.bmp format. In the settings for saving among the proposed parameters, set "256-color picture".

Step 4

To install the emblem in the game, you must have a clan of the third level or higher. The clan leader or the person to whom he will grant this privilege can install the badge.

Step 5

Log into the game under an account that can install a clan icon. Then call the clan menu using Alt + N keys. You can also do this by clicking on the icon with the image of red crossed flags in the lower right corner of the game interface.

Step 6

Find the item in the opened menu Set Crest or Clan Crest and Edit Crest, depending on the version of the game client. Write the path to the created picture in the text entry field. For example, the path to the logo might be "C: /emblema_clana.bmp". After making sure that the path is spelled correctly, confirm the selection by pressing the OK button. If the picture was not created correctly, a message will appear indicating the corresponding error.

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