How To Change Ip-address In

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How To Change Ip-address In
How To Change Ip-address In

Video: How To Change Ip-address In

Video: How To Change Ip-address In
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An IP address is a unique address that belongs to every node on a computer network. There are several ways to change the IP address - you can use proxy servers, anonymizing services, the Tor network, etc.

How to change ip-address in 2017
How to change ip-address in 2017

It is necessary

  • - free proxy lists
  • - Software for using the Tor network
  • - services-anonymizers


Step 1

Find free proxy lists. They are published on special sites (Spys, Foxtools, Fineproxy, etc.). On Foxtools, for example, you can see the type of anonymity of a proxy, its country, response time and date of verification. The best proxies are those with high anonymity (HTTPS) and fast response times. SOCKS proxies stand apart in the row of proxy servers - in terms of their capabilities and anonymity, they are ahead of everyone else.

Step 2

Change proxy in browser settings. In the case of the Firefox browser, for example, you need to open the "Tools" menu, go to the "Options / Advanced" section, select the "Network" tab and click on the "Configure" button in the Internet connection settings section. Check the box next to "Manual proxy settings", enter the proxy server address in the corresponding field and check the box next to "Use this proxy server for all protocols". Now for web servers, the proxy server address will be displayed as your IP address.

Step 3

Another way to change your IP address is to use special anonymizing services. There are many sites on the Internet that provide such services. Just go to one of them and indicate in a special field the address of the page that you would like to see without "highlighting" your real IP address (one of the IP addresses of the anonymizer service will be displayed as it).

Step 4

One of the most reliable ways to change IP is to use Tor. Tor is a multitude of proxy computers linked together in a common network. Everyone who joins the Tor network gets the opportunity to completely hide their IP and visit Internet sites on condition of complete anonymity. To use the system, you need to install special software on your computer. The disadvantage of using the Tor network is the low speed of the Internet connection.