How To Set Up A Connection To Stream

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How To Set Up A Connection To Stream
How To Set Up A Connection To Stream

Video: How To Set Up A Connection To Stream

Video: How To Set Up A Connection To Stream
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Connecting to the Internet using the ADSL standard allows you not to pull additional cables into the apartment, and at the same time not to occupy the phone while working in the network. The data transfer speed is slightly lower than that of a dedicated line, but the tariffs are also low.

How to set up a connection to Stream
How to set up a connection to Stream


Step 1

Connect the input of the ADSL splitter to the telephone line. Connect all telephones connected in parallel to its low-frequency output, and the input of an ADSL router to the high-frequency output. Connect the router itself with cables to the network cards of computers (their number can be from 1 to 4). Apply power to the device and turn it on with the button.

Step 2

On all computers, enable automatic acquisition of a local IP address using DHCP. How to do this depends on the operating system. After that, launch any browser on any of the machines. Enter the internal IP address in the address bar. The screen will display a form for entering a username and password.

Step 3

Enter the account parameters set in the ADSL router by default: username is admin, password is also admin. You will be presented with a router configuration screen.

Step 4

Change the administrator password to a new one known only to you. If you are using a DSL-2640B router, go to the Tools tab and press the Admin button in it. Select the username admin from the drop-down list. Enter the old password in the upper field, and the new one in the middle and lower fields. Then click the Apply button.

Step 5

Go to the Home tab and press the WAN key. Then click the little Add button.

Step 6

Switch the mode from Bridging to PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE). Click the Next button.

Step 7

Take a subscription agreement and find in it the login and password provided by the provider. They have nothing to do with the login and password for accessing the router itself. Enter them in the appropriate fields. Click Next twice and then Apply once.

Step 8

Click Finish and then Logout. The browser tab will automatically close.

Step 9

Turn off your ADSL router, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Soon the DSL LED will blink, then its blinking speed will increase, and then it will light up continuously. After a few seconds, the Internet LED will turn on. From this point on, you can start visiting sites.

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