How To Fly In Minecraft On Elytra

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How To Fly In Minecraft On Elytra
How To Fly In Minecraft On Elytra

Video: How To Fly In Minecraft On Elytra

Video: How To Fly In Minecraft On Elytra
Video: How To Get & Use ELYTRA In Minecraft!! - The Ultimate Elytra Guide 2023, March

Many people would like to fly on the wings of Elytra in Minecraft in Survival mode without resorting to creative mode. After all, it is much faster than running, and there are no obstacles in the air (except for the mountains). But you can only fly in survival with the help of elytra, which can only be found in the airships of the cities of the End.



Minecraft is a sandbox construction set created by Markus Persson, founder of Mojang AB. When creating Minecraft, he drew his inspiration both from his former projects, not very well known to the general public, and from popular games like Dungeon Keeper. The description of the Minecraft gameplay can be formulated in one sentence: the player travels through an almost limitless 3D world, consisting of various blocks that he can destroy and create. The game also features a unique "pixelated" graphic style that is instantly remembered, although many find it unattractive at first.

In the game "Minecraft 1.9", players got access to a new unique item - elytra. These elytra allow you to fly long distances, overcome obstacles, and inspect the terrain from a bird's eye view without taking damage when falling from a great height.

How to do:

They can be found in the cities of the End on floating ships - one ship has only wings. There are many ships there. Additionally, Elytra can be crafted from two broken pieces.

Ready elytres:

They can be obtained in survival mode or hardcore by getting on a flying ship in any city in the End. Once in the End and killing the dragon, the gates to the islands on which the End cities stand will open for you. But you cannot enter these gates - they are too small.


First of all, you need to put on the wings. To do this, go to your inventory and find an image of a character with five armor slots. Move your elytres to one of them and flights will become available. To take off, you need to climb to a height of at least four blocks, then jump off and hold the spacebar during the fall. You can get fireworks. If you want to change the trajectory of the flight - rotate the mouse in different directions. The maximum distance that you can cover with the wings is 2 thousand blocks. It is unlikely that you will be able to fly more than this, because no one has canceled the laws of physics in this game. In order not to receive damage while falling, look up before hitting the ground - this will slow down the flight speed.

When flying, choose the direction with your gaze to the left and right, the descent speed is adjusted by looking up and down. You can fly in three directions - along a broken path, up and horizontally. Elitres allow you to fly horizontally for a distance of about 10 blocks.

Players can stay in the air until the wing wing expires. When flying, durability is reduced by one point per second. In total, the elytra has 431 durability points, which gives 7 minutes and 11 seconds of flight.


The following enchantments can be used for the elytra:

  • repair (max level 1) - uses experience points to repair tools, weapons and armor
  • indestructibility (maximum level 3) - increases the durability of the item.

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