How To Fly Legion 7.3

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How To Fly Legion 7.3
How To Fly Legion 7.3

Video: How To Fly Legion 7.3

Video: How To Fly Legion 7.3
Video: How to Unlock Flying in Legion - WoW Legion 7.2 Guide 2023, December

The world of World of Warcraft is huge and only a few were able to fully explore it. Even the developers don't know many of the nuances. But every player should know the basics. So, flying on Draenor and the Legion must be studied by everyone, so that the farm of leather, minerals, grass or gold passes much faster. But what does it take to learn how to fly in Legion locations?

How to open flights in the Legion
How to open flights in the Legion

Until Patch 7.2, the game was able to achieve all the achievements needed to fly over the Broken Isles. In updates 7.0.3 and 7.1, players could not fly - they only moved on the ground. With the release of patch 7.2, life has been made easier for characters. What achievements did you need to achieve in order to study flights over the locations of the Legion?

How to learn flights in the Legion?

The World Of Warcraft Legion update works the same system as in Draenor. It is not very easy to study flights - first you need to get achievements for exploring the game world. There are only two parts of the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements:

  • Part 1. Access to flights will not open, but ground mounts will move much faster.
  • Part 2. This achievement is only available in patch 7.2 and up. If you get it, you can learn how to fly over Legion locations.

Broken Isles Pathfinder. Part 1

To achieve this achievement, you need to complete a number of secondary achievements, namely:

  1. "Glorious Campaign" - for this you need to complete the entire campaign in the stronghold of your class.
  2. "Variety is what gives the flavor to life." This achievement requires 100 World Quests. And if you consider that access to these tasks opens only from level 110, then you can understand that you will have to download the character on a ground pet.
  3. "Broken Isles" - you must fully open all the places on the map of the Legion. Namely - in Suramar, Stormheim, Highmountain, Valshara, Azsuna.

    Achievements flying in the Legion
    Achievements flying in the Legion
  4. Loremaster Legion - for this you will have to try. Indeed, to achieve this achievement, you will have to complete all the storylines in each of the locations.
  5. Broken Isles Diplomat - Increase your reputation with all factions of the Legion - Dreamweavers, Valarjar, Nightfallen, Highmountain Tribes, Guardians and the Court of Farondis.

That's all, after completing the first part of the achievements, you can proceed to the second.

Acceleration of pumping reputation

To quickly pump reputation with Legion factions, use the following tricks:

  1. If Darkmoon Fair is running, go ahead to get the WOOOOH! Buff on the carousel. It allows you to increase the reputation gained by 10%. However, the duration of the buff is only an hour.

    Legion Flight Mount
    Legion Flight Mount
  2. Use Battle Standards: Banner of Cooperation (5% increase); Battle Standard of Coordination (15% increase); "Standard of Unity" (10% increase).
  3. If you play as a race of people, then the ability "Diplomacy" will give you an increase of 10%.
  4. At the Darkmoon Fair you can buy the "Cylinder of the Darkmoon", which increases the reputation gained by 10%.

Play as humans and use the buns that Darkmoon Fair gives you. And you will pump your reputation very quickly.

Pioneer of the Broken Isles. Part 2

Mount flight in the legion
Mount flight in the legion

This achievement is only unlocked in patch 7.2. But at the moment, update 8.1.5 is relevant, so by default the achievement is already in the list. What achievements will you have to get:

  1. Follow the entire first part.
  2. Fend off Legion invasions in all zones (get the achievement “Defender of the Broken Isles).
  3. Explore the Broken Shore fully (this location was released in patch 7.2).
  4. Get the Legionfall Commander achievement. To do this, seek Revered from the corresponding faction.

There is nothing difficult in obtaining achievements, they can be completed in a few evenings. And most importantly, when you receive all the achievements, you can become the owner of a class mount. And if you complete both parts with one character, then others will be able to fly when you reach 110 level.