How To Enable Creative Mode In Minecraft

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How To Enable Creative Mode In Minecraft
How To Enable Creative Mode In Minecraft

Video: How To Enable Creative Mode In Minecraft

Video: How To Enable Creative Mode In Minecraft
Video: How to Change from Survival Mode to Creative Mode in Minecraft 2023, December

In "Minecraft" there are several levels of difficulty and modes, and each gamer will be able to choose from them what he likes. However, as a kind of training "testing ground" it is better to give preference to the creative mode (Creative). Here you get an unlimited number of blocks, and they are obtained literally with one blow. In addition, virtually everything will be allowed to you, without regard to the level of health. How can you establish such a wonderful regime?

Creative mode opens up a world of possibilities for the player
Creative mode opens up a world of possibilities for the player

It is necessary

  • - classic version of Minecraft
  • - cheats and some mods
  • - special teams


Step 1

If you have the free classic version of Minecraft installed, you don't even need to switch anything there. Creative Mode is the only game option available. Choose it if you are a novice gamer and want to practice mining various resources. This skill will be extremely useful to you when you decide to play in Survival mode, like most other "minecraft".

Step 2

It's much more difficult to switch to Creative in other versions of Minecraft. If you do not have a "classic" installed, take care of the possibility of switching to different modes and mods in advance. Even when creating the game world, write down the appropriate cheats. However, in some versions (especially those that are older), you can still switch modes. This is done in the appropriate section in the menu.

Step 3

When none of the above helps, try another powerful way to switch to the coveted creative mode - install some mods in which it is acceptable. The famous modification TooManyItems is especially different in this regard. All functions available in Creative mode are available in it. First of all, you will notice this by the number of resources found: even those of them that you have met in a limited number in other variations of Minecraft, you will be mining here simply in incredible volumes. Many game components, including the weather, lend themselves to editing by the gamer.

Step 4

However, not only one of the above mod is able to provide you with the desired transition to creative mode. Take advantage of other mods as well, which usually help many players switch between different game variations. The most popular in this regard are Not Enough Items and Single Player Commands. By installing them (like any other mods) in the mods folder of Minecraft Forge on your computer, you will get a wide range of creative gaming possibilities. You can change the weather at will, some characteristics of the environment, teleport to any desired point, almost instantly get out of the mine, etc.

Step 5

When playing on a server - if you are not administering it yourself - ask the admin to enable Creative for you. This is done independently in several ways (depending on the specific technical characteristics of this playground). Enter the following command into the chat (by calling it by pressing the "t" key): / gamemode 1. When this does not work, another option can help you: / creative (enable) or / gm 1. When you get bored of "creative" will be able to return back to survival mode. This is done by entering one of three commands into the chat: / gamemode 0, / survival or / gm 0.