How To Install An Addon In WoW

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How To Install An Addon In WoW
How To Install An Addon In WoW

Video: How To Install An Addon In WoW

Video: How To Install An Addon In WoW
Video: How to install Addons in WoW Shadowlands 2023, March

Addons are various modifications of the game interface. They do not affect the process of the game itself, but they make it possible to facilitate and improve some points. For example, DBM shows when and how the boss attacks, and Bagnon displays all bags at the same time. To use add-ons, you need to copy them to the appropriate folder with WoW and configure in the game itself to your liking.

WoW addons
WoW addons


  • - World of Warcraft game;
  • - any addon for WoW.


Step 1

Download the addon you want to install in WoW. This can be done on a variety of sites. The most popular and trusted resources among players are and When downloading, pay attention to the version of the modification - it must match the version of the installed WoW update. If you are playing off, then just download the latest version of the addon.

Step 2

Open the folder where World of Warcraft is installed, and unpack the archive with the downloaded add-on to a folder along this path: WoW \ Interface \ Addons.

Step 3

Start the game. If at the time of copying the add-on, you were in the game, then restart it. After you enter the section with the choice of a character, do not rush to load the game world. Here you need to find and click on the "Modifications" button. It is usually located in the lower left corner.

Step 4

Check that the installed add-on is active - the inscription is marked with a tick and has a yellow color. If this is not the case, then first enable the addon by ticking it. If after that the inscription is gray, then in the upper right corner of the "Modifications" window, check the box next to the inscription "Obsolete modifications". This means that the downloaded addon does not match the version of the game. If this did not help to enable the modification, then, most likely, you unpacked the archive with the add-on incorrectly. Delete the corresponding folders from WoW \ Interface \ Addons and repeat steps 1 and 2 again.

Step 5

Mark, if necessary, for which character you are installing this or that addon. For example, there are a number of class modifications that will only interfere with other classes. In this case, in the "Modifications" window at the top left, select the name of the desired character from the drop-down list and mark the corresponding add-on with a checkmark, and for the rest, this checkbox must be unchecked.

Step 6

Customize the installed addon. Go to any character. After the game world is loaded, press the Esc key or the "?" on the bottom panel of the WoW interface. In the window that appears, click on the "Interface" button and select the "Modifications" tab. Select the addon you want and set the options with which it will be most convenient for you to play.

Step 7

Some addons cannot be configured through the standard Modifications tab. To call their settings, you must enter the appropriate text in the chat. For example, for the Recount add-on (displays DPS, HPS, damage done and other battle parameters), type "/ recount show" in the chat and click on the gear icon in the window that appears.

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